Handheld Induction Heater Melts Do Not try to charge a LiPo Battery like 3 weeks ago   11:57

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Ive always wanted to make my own induction heater, but this one is only the beginning. Im planning to make a more powerful one to do more stuff with molten steel!

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Thanks Lindsay Wilson for the neat idea to modify capacitors- http://www.imajeenyus.com/electronics/20120512_film_capacitor_dissection/index.shtml
And thanks to www.GensTattu.com for the batteries!

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Black Demon
can you do that with a safe?
Ciprian Popa
So what experiments are these?
Bill Shorten
Mark my words... this guy is going to hurt himself one day.
TxT Peer
Mad scientist + PC parts = HOT stuff !
Nathan Zechar
Did you bother to check what the resonant frequency was of your induction heater and the current going through your multi-turn coil?

Sure, it's likely in the 50-100kHz range, but there are still safety levels associated with RF in that frequency range. In fact, you are getting high amounts of peak current through your induction coil, let's say a current of 24 amps RMS, you are not safe at all.

Here is the recommended safety chart: https://www-group.slac.stanford.edu/esh/eshmanual/references/nirReqExpLimits.pdf - Page 6

You have several turns of that make up that coil. I'm eyeballing a radius of about 3.5cm. Let's assume you have 6 turns.

Plug that into here: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/magnetic/curloo.html and multiply by six.

You should get around 25.8 [Gauss]. Let's convert that to [A/m] you can do that here: http://www.hkd.co.jp/english/unit_conv/

And what do we have? You are about 12.5 times over the safe exposure limit for 100kHz if you put your finger in the center of that coil.

Get Rekt dude.
10:14 lol
Underground Game Videos
The only reason bullets are loud is because the gasses are compressed when being fired from the barrel of a weapon.
Willie The boggle
This is interesting. I’m not a safety nazi so I got no consent about you making yourself for the sake of a few views
Willie The boggle
That “really cool thing” that steel does is cool as long as it’s only a couple ounces.
I have seen a literal ton of molten steel hit cold concrete and the result is terrifying. I was a mold maker in a foundry and worked on the pouring floor. Accidents were made occasionally and you always ran the other way.
Big Bang Howard Wolowitz
Tracy Baribault
Hi im now
Jake Johnson
Next time use a .50 caliber bullet
I like this guy. Smart, but not dorky.
Steven Mcconnon
Why didn't the bullet shoot far?
Came for the "science", left for the shocking lack of..
*ata então é esse canal que o área secreta cópia !!*
Youre so wild and I love it.
Nightmare Strike
Puting a bullit into a watermelon is one of the most amerikan things i have ever seen
Craig Stevens
I'd really love to come to watch you shoot an episode some time! Especially if you come over to St Pete!
Isaac Y.
That's the coolest bottle opener ever. Seriously, you could set that up a party or bar or something for epicness
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Do Not try to charge a LiPo Battery like Handheld Induction Heater Melts 3 weeks ago   07:25

This is what happens when you ignore the warnings on a Lithium (LiPo) Battery.
First I tried Disassembling the battery to learn about it. Then I tried shocking the battery with a tesla coil. Surprisingly that did not work, so I connected it to a car battery to overcharge it and it worked great. Of course, by working great i mean it caught on fire. Finally I incinerated the battery with a 30W infrared laser in a fishtank filled with 100% pure oxygen.