Handheld Induction Heater Melts Do Not try to charge a LiPo Battery like 3 months ago   11:57

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Ive always wanted to make my own induction heater, but this one is only the beginning. Im planning to make a more powerful one to do more stuff with molten steel!

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Thanks Lindsay Wilson for the neat idea to modify capacitors- http://www.imajeenyus.com/electronics/20120512_film_capacitor_dissection/index.shtml
And thanks to www.GensTattu.com for the batteries!

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Sarah Hornbeck
I agree Sand Hill cranes are anoing
De Kris
What happens if you put the induction heater inside the coil?🤔
you could have blown up the concrete throwing the steel on it
ironguys com
i need one with a strong capacity like this one for forging what size sould i buy it!
Why doesn’t the military use watermelons instead of silencers?
It’s a lot less resources and good weapon
Where is the stone
Hora de pesca
Sensational, hahaha, I've always wanted to do that but in the end I won prudence or cowardice according to how you want to call it, but I know I do not have to do it, that's what these funny videos are for.
Amit Kumar
Induction bottle opener!
Floridian Railfan
Florida man explodes shaving cream in backyard.

He said “I just wanted some snow, it’s always to hot here.”
Zubair Khan
In India it is a very common tool used to heat water for a hot water bath
Auxila Tor
5:44 when the cashier touches ur hand while you pay
Papyrus The Great
Why not a 50 cal
yeet yahh
But styropyro isn’t on YouTube anymore in fear of getting a 3rd strike 🤦‍♂️
Isaac Ko
are you still making videos because I just subscribed
*A female touches me near the end of No-Nut November*
Me: 5:50
Lamborghini Gamer
How many GoPros have you gone tru??????
Mark Wyen
Im surprised this kid still has all his fingers.
Shooting star
Oml! “That heat seeking builet could’ve walked out of the watermelon and killed somebody.”🙄 if people knew anything about guns they would know you need to put that bullet in a barrel for it to go anywhere.
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Do Not try to charge a LiPo Battery like Handheld Induction Heater Melts 3 months ago   07:25

This is what happens when you ignore the warnings on a Lithium (LiPo) Battery.
First I tried Disassembling the battery to learn about it. Then I tried shocking the battery with a tesla coil. Surprisingly that did not work, so I connected it to a car battery to overcharge it and it worked great. Of course, by working great i mean it caught on fire. Finally I incinerated the battery with a 30W infrared laser in a fishtank filled with 100% pure oxygen.