Ellen Reveals She Called the Academy Dax Shepard Wants to Replace Bradley 3 months ago   07:00

Ellen told her friend Kevin Hart that she contacted the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in an effort to get him re-hired as host of the upcoming Oscars.


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Monique Hanna
Well said Kevin.. I understand exactly how you feel.. And hats off to you Ellen for being a genuinely true friend to Kevin!
Jeroen Delpeche
I Dont think this is just random trolls. I think it's something much bigger and that Kevin witnessed it. He gets haters everyday, I think he knows how to deal with that. This just seems different.
Elesi Waqanibau
These award shows would be nothing without comedians cos lets be honest most of us just tune in to watch the host. I'm never watching the Oscars again.
razor rules
He aint just a comedian, he is a real human being
Fyused Jazz
news from the future....he did not host the oscars
Moad Gubaten
Is kevin hart has haters? Dont think so.
Juvencio Estrada
Not hosting!!!!!
H Eric
95% of black out there like to discriminate other minorities!!! aka Chris Rock made fun and stereotyped Asians on Oscars.
Mrs. Edna Welthorpe
if the presenter had been white and racist and said “ I don’t want my kids hanging around with ngrs as they’re like monkeys, they’re sub human and just criminals. They’ll lead my kid into a life of drug taking, knife and gun crime and violence.” I wonder if the black community would ask for the white guy back if he said “sorry” and “it was something I said 10 years ago? “ I really detest homophobia and racism let me add. both are a sign of stupidity.
I like black people too, I’m not racist. My sister is even married to a dude that’s mixed. Irish/Scottish, but he gets almost golden brown during the summer.
Millie Bella
I never knew that Kevin is so wise, i'm rooting for you Kevin
Brad Smith
I like heart but he like Beyoncé I need a break
Kevin is a better man that all those people at the Oscar...
Well u shouldn't have fuckn said it. Watch what u say.
Row Blanka
why is it that the most stupid cunts are the loudest? that shouldnt faze kevin at all, dont know why he gives a crap what a couple of hateful and small minded people tell on the internet...
I love Kevin Hart.
Eric Franklin Shook
I hear a little Patrice O'neal in Kevin's voice during the second half of this video.
Silas Sule
This is the longest conversation I've seen Kevin make without a joke
I was with him till he started blaming people for looking up his past tweets.
But.. We still cant find Hillary Clinton emails or the paperwork for 7.7 billion dollars in banking bailout dollars.
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Dax Shepard Wants to Replace Bradley Ellen Reveals She Called the Academy 3 months ago   05:14

Dax Shepard explained to Ellen how he's hoping to replace Bradley Cooper and score the lead in a potential "A Star Is Born" sequel. The actor also celebrated his birthday on the show, and described why his January 2nd birthday is actually the "worst birthday in the world."