Ellen Reveals She Called the Academy Dax Shepard Wants to Replace Bradley 6 months ago   07:00

Ellen told her friend Kevin Hart that she contacted the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in an effort to get him re-hired as host of the upcoming Oscars.


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Avylon Blackman
I just said Amen to Ellen's Words😂
포캣몬 tv window
멋있네요 케빈도 엘런도!!!👍
Riya B
Frankly speaking, Kevin hart is the best person I've seen and known in YouTube and Hollywood. He's humble, modest, funny and most importantly real. I support Kevin hart, no matter what, because I know his character, I've just seen him through! ❤️
Ahmar Azam
Well he looked petrified....n has got the reason....!
Mousa Mohammed
Almost tears up although I’m a person who don’t get emotional often. It’s hard to see someone who brings joy for long time to all people to be attacked like this. He doesn’t deserve it. You can see how he’s hurt, I feel it kills something in him. I’m glad he didn’t host. Kevin we love you.
Annette Lopez
We all love you Kevin! Don't let those people win!! Host the Oscars!! Listen to Ellen!!
Bahing Rai
Man, the guy who makes us laugh everytime whenever we watch him and than this guy, the same guy this time when he says, "this was to destroy me" I feel you Kevin.
ELLLENNN! 1:50 🙌🏽 real words!!
christy capers
Ellen is a whole angel 👼🏼🐏🧚🏻‍♂️
cruishon kleinsmith
Wrong talk show for Kevin hart to express his opinion... Ellen to close minded get Oprah on the like.
Master Yoda
I think kevin is playing a dangerous game here. By making his critics and his inability to handle criticism public, he is also making himself more and more vulnerable to this toxic industry. There is a good chance that kevin will be used by the industry in the future thereby he will lose his confidence also. I am predicting that he is not going to do anymore of hisstuff in the near future (I mean movies not youtube stuff).
rokozeno chaya
I respect Kevin Hart
Eva Tarida
“There are individuals out there now finding success in damaging others”
Meena J
Kevin Hart, u the best ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Samurai Knight
2:10 is when he finally gets to speak. Your welcome
Faizul Hoque Rubel
I love this man 💜💜
wheein's height
He was holding back years. if you guys don't know Kevin might be coming off as "rude" (which he's not) he's actually got a heart of gold. he's very emotional. he got sentimental about his kids last time.
Brittany K
I just love them both so much ❤️❤️
Ali Abdullah
Hypocrites hold comedians to a higher standard than the POTUS.
John Murph
I have never seen him so serious.......
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Dax Shepard Wants to Replace Bradley Ellen Reveals She Called the Academy 6 months ago   05:14

Dax Shepard explained to Ellen how he's hoping to replace Bradley Cooper and score the lead in a potential "A Star Is Born" sequel. The actor also celebrated his birthday on the show, and described why his January 2nd birthday is actually the "worst birthday in the world."