Men's Giant Slalom - Ligety Ted Ligety Wins Men's Giant 8 months ago   06:43

Daily Report - Highlights from the Rosa Khutor Alpine Centre as Ted Ligety wins Gold in the Men's Giant Slalom at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.

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Ligety appears to be carving two arcs to distribute the load and maintain speed. First arc begins with his upper inside ski and second arc continues on from that with his outside ski. He's rolling two arcs, switching between inside and outside. As Shiffrin says, she knows what he's doing, it is just very tough to do.
Wild skiing by Ligety.
Great recovery by Ligety in a situation where he had everything to lose.
Jamey Bachand
I do this sport It’s actually pretty fun
SeaBass Gorka
Watch his uphill ski when he starts a turn.
Piotr Lenarczyk
Can skis be a stell-framed in T-beam shape?
Boston 00
The german must be upset
Daniel Lara
The year after this, Hirscher would win a medal at the 2015 Worlds.
Daniel Lara
I was playing a video game about that. It said you could get extra speed from tipping a gate (flag). No?
Amazing that Ligety pulled that off on a course that was done.
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Ted Ligety Wins Men's Giant Men's Giant Slalom - Ligety 8 months ago   1:47:23

19th of February 2014 USA's Ted Lighty wins the Men's Giant Slalom event at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, now available in full as part of the #Sochi365 celebrations on the Olympic YouTube channel.

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