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Diane Keaton | Diane Keaton's | Ellen Degeneres And Portia De Rossi's - At Up-Tube.com

Diane Keaton | Diane Keaton's Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's 2 days ago   02:22

sports Live24
Diane Keaton | Diane Keaton's House Tour-2019(Inside & Outside).

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Comments 85 Comments

Deborah O.
Its so
Id need sunglasses
Nicer outside
Too MODERN for me
Im surprised
pamela northup
Google User
WHAT, REPEAT WHAT IS WITH all these people who build and "design" these new houses and renovations in California over the past 10 years or so? It's EXACTLY LIKE they thing ANY other color except black & white are RADIO-FREAKING-ACTIVE or something! I am LIGHT YEARS over the literal scourge of black & white. Sick to DEATH of it!!!
Martha High
so dull and boring, no color
marina leven
Thank you
Wohnt da überhaupt jemand??🤔🤔
Susan S
No warmth, no softness, no thanks. Id rather have her house in "Something's Gotta Give." :)
Soho Haus Rules
THIS ISN'T D'S HOUSE! I am one of her best friends Gdammit. Cant' swear anymore on YouTube. But gosh I am sick of the LIARS. She used to live by the bluff on Wynola in Pacific Palisades. Now she is in SULLIVAN CANYON you idiots. The brick isn't painted. This is NOT it! LIARS. LIARS. Do not defame D! Or you will mess with Jackie! ... PS she is remodeling a gem in Tucson. I've been. It's fab. And it's not this either.
Su Zee
No color..a house she flipped?This is not the L.A.home she designed..at 73 shes gorgeous..this must be one of the houses she bought then sold,but her most loveliest home is the brick and stone L.A. home..what a kitchen!!!💗😊
Mary Porter
Way to go Diane simple but elegant and you can totally live in every part all the time ! Not have to wait and see the rest of the house next week ! You can afford all those multi million dollars houses but why live in something you can't enjoy every day ! You put something in one room and forget what damn room you put it in 🤔😱 now you would definitely have to have one of those little scooters to ride on because your ass will be wore out going from room to room ! maybe that's the reason Oprah big ass done lost weight again ! And giving weight watchers the credit !! 😀😁
Debras Fischer
Kind of taylored looking. Like the way she dresses. But I did expect to see more wood for warmth. It was too cold.
Sara Martinez
I love that she lives a normal life like us even though shes rich. Its a lot of white but its clean and classy.
Brenda Kempf
Apparently she doesn't like colors, or perhaps she's color blind.
Inquisitive One
It might not be most commenter’s taste but I like it. Keeping the style simple and clean keeps the mind relaxed. Too much color and clutter feels like chaos. I’d live in this house.
This doesn't look like an interior she would have. I've seen magazine shoots of her other properties and they are not bland like this one. Looks staged to me.
Anna Hanu
It's another all white sanitized, sterile hospital like horror.
Jenny Morris
I like the all white walls. Just needs a few accessories and different furniture selection. Looks like it’s furniture from a staging warehouse.
Liberty GiveMe
Derek Avalos
Diane, when can you visit your high school, Santa Ana high school I went to the same school graduated in 1978, please visit Santa Ana high school, and if you do I want to be there to meet you, blessings.
Anna A.
Oh. I love it 🥰
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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's Diane Keaton | Diane Keaton's 2 days ago   05:49

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In the hills of Santa Barbara, the pure pastoral ambience of the Tuscan countryside pervades this elegant stone villa, with its gentle light, rugged stone and wood and reverence for the natural surroundings.

Perched on a crest with views of the ocean, harbor, and mountains, the secluded estate was designed and built in the 1930s by celebrated architect Wallace Frost. After living in Italy, Frost created the two-story, 10,500-square-foot residence for himself, emulating the classical style of 17th-century Italian villas and creating an air of Old World romance and refinement. Impeccable attention was paid to every detail: a classic barrel-tiled roof, terra-cotta surfaces, wide wood flooring planks, rustic exposed ceiling beams, 18th-century Italian tiles, vintage light fixtures, and sturdy walls of locally quarried stone.

Highlights include six restful bedrooms, six baths, nine fireplaces, a media room, multiple libraries, a regal living room, a formal dining room, an inviting kitchen with marble-wrapped surfaces and stainless-steel appliances, relaxing stone terraces, and exquisite landscaping. Windows and glass doors admit lovely natural light, opening to encourage an interplay with the outdoors.

The 16.88-acre grounds, secured by 18th-century Spanish gates and approached by a meandering quarter-mile drive, are strewn with olive and eucalyptus trees, charming fountains, colorful gardens, and eye-catching statuary and sculpture. An idyllic alfresco dining area is tucked beneath striking mature trees, their winding, twisting branches creating cool shade. Beside the alluring Roman-style pool, amid a swath of verdant grass, an antique Italian column creates a dramatic silhouette, most notably at sunset. Recent additions include the spacious, modern entertainment pavilion known as Jordan Hall; a lap swimming pool; and a tennis court. As the land rolls gently downhill, tall trees give way to a sweeping view of the Pacific and the hills beyond.