Was the California Gold Rush a Hoax? Rick's Gold Weigh-In Breaks 2 days ago   09:07

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With the recent uncovering of hidden history right beneath our noses, I thought it might be interesting to look into the state of California’s migration history.

Interestingly enough, hundreds of thousands came during the time when there were claims of gold to be in those hills.
Those hills that John Sutter and anyone he was in business with Got a 2 year head start on all that would come after word got out in 1848.

Many ended up having no choice but to work for mining companies that already had operations in place, claims on all the land and no intent on letting anyone that wasn’t already rich, getting rich.

I present what I think is evidence that California’s State Capitol Building existed before they say it did

Have you looked in your area?

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I think you have something there. Never thought that the "Gold Rush" was a farce.
DeMarco Davis
Compare this with all the ghost towns that are everywhere in China and Africa ? 🤔 , the prepping for resets have been going on for a long time
Jimmy Johnston
Heidi S
Good job Harvey !! Thats amazing !
Angael Tartar Rose
i think yer likely right on track.
Kent Collins
Marshall found the Gold Sutter owned the property
Boogle D
Everything is a lie 😂🤪✌️❤️🐒🌏
We come from boats! We come from boats!
Mudd fossils next broski, compare with petrafying well, lake neron and a place in Africa all turn to stone....
Z Lepore
I don't know what to think about anything anymore. It could be all CG,I Mandela effect it could all be reality. I'm at the point of giving up and just letting it be. Let it be let it be. Who knows where I am ? Maybe (they) want us to give up or maybe (they're) getting us ready???
Serge Fournier
Good point at that time they were able to manipulate the population at there will well said thanks
Benjamin Hildebrand
Check out Martin Liedke. Could he be a tranny? There's a video about that.
Nuru al - Dan
Skating Stacy
Im all over this reset
Skating Stacy
Mining- to make yours
Skating Stacy
Mud Flood for sure. Mine!. Mines. Yes Mines.
Yogi's Beer
Now that you figured out NASA's bulshit lies now you got to figure out why they LIE! why the bullshit that's one thing ALL us flat-earthers know the reasons why they lie we know why they feed us bulshit, we cannot tell you you must figure it out for yourself just like we did, you wouldn't believe us anyhow 🤭
You have a point Mr. "Intellectual Freedom Movement - Man"

Excellent research, Yo... :-)
differenter 85
right shit dont add up because the Louisiana purchase was early 1800's. so why was there a gold rush if apparently no one knew about the west coast or that it was still Mexico at the time
Eric J
The gold is the land
Alain Michael
Go Harvey!
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Rick's Gold Weigh-In Breaks Was the California Gold Rush a Hoax? 2 days ago   02:18

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