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What Happens When You Use This | Big Fish Caught While Shark - At Up-Tube.com

what happens when you use THIS big fish caught while shark 1 year ago   11:13

Surf fishing at the beach for giant creatures of all kinds. We just missed shark week by a little bit. Surf fishing padre island national seashore PINS

Tackle (amazon affiliate):
Bigger reel 50w: https://amzn.to/2O3B1cp
Big Reels (115l2): http://amzn.to/2z5GEyY
Medium reel (30 size)l: http://amzn.to/2BHZuz9
Small reel (5500): http://amzn.to/2DiurdI
Shoes: http://amzn.to/2BI18Rl
Ocean Kayak malibu two

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Rusty Shannon
Just watched your video. We used to have a shark fishing camp that we’d set up every July 4th for about 10 days at the 12 mile mark. From our experience: You can always catch sharks at anytime, but, we found that the sharks would cruise the guts right at dark +/-. We would always make sure that our rods had fresh baits before dark. Oddly enough, we would hook up primarily in the first gut. Just make sure you have a bait in each gut.
Brad Bush
Do you guys have Thresher sharks out that way? or are they only out here in the pacific?
Jeremy Orr
Never heard of sea trout
Other than not wanting to get bitten off, why is wire leader better? Does it increase the survivability? If so how?
Trần Nghiêu Hậu
Can you share the songs you used in this video? Please🤗
Reece Hunt
That would behind you with going down
Old Timer
Cool video, really enjoyed it. Great advice. Thanks for sharing.
I Honestly Don't Know
I was thinking the fish was 23' and when he said it was 23' i was like holy crap im good at guessing
Izaac Briggs
I was so close I said 24 inches
I don't get it. You hook the bait fish through the spine and toss it out to be chomped on. But you worry about being nice to the sharks. Why do you care about not hurting one fish, but the other dies a harsh death stabbed through its back and that's okay. Totally nonsensical. Not to mention that sharks can make for good eating. Go ahead and kill it and make use of it.
Ryan P
Dood I guessed 23 inches
Lalah Adams
2:30 *come with the wave, brother* XDDDD
Josh Richards
Be nice to the sharks lol
damn man! that's so dangerous
Brian B
What rod where you using?
I love the osrs background music
D .loder
That’s a Mack
Matthew Lane
why release the trout
Patrick Doty
It seems like you hardly even used your own advice. If you’re gonna be a steward for safe shark fishing, do it right.
mac cheese
I so hate to catch sharks 😠😠😠😠
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big fish caught while shark what happens when you use THIS 1 year ago   12:07

The main goal today is to catch a personal best shark, but we want to first cast net some mullet. If the sharks aren't around, we can still go for redfish. At the surf, we catch plenty of whiting to use as shark bait too. before sunset we surprisingly get all 4 shark lines out which is a great way to end the day. Oh yeah and I tried to make this different than Thresher and TRH's version so I if you still enjoyed it pls leave a like!

ThresherFishing: https://up-tube.com/channel/HPvi6oWKRvtNox7rHpYQKKAN
Texas Redfish Hunter: https://up-tube.com/channel/HPEKpU72sws7tsmuKdidrtcD

► Reel: Penn Senator 9/0
► Rod: 8 ft Ugly Stik 40 to 60lb line rating
and 6 ft Penn Senator

Shark rig:
► 15 ft of 200lb mono
► 11 oz spider weight
► #18 Single Strand American Fishing Wire
► hook: 16/0
► snaps for hook

► instagram: jeffbonhamfishing
► email: jeffbonhamfishing@gmail.com

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