We Played BANK NBA Basketball Challenge Gordon Ramsay Cooks Buffalo 2 months ago   26:43

We played a basketball challenge with REAL money!

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Fhrex Elijah Esteben Lacuesta
Ben Simmons' Uniform is giving jiedel a bad luck! Peace im a sixers fan
Lorenzo Michelotti
Poor mopi
Random Jack
Chillits_ KishaV.
i think moochi and zack switched spots
Anthony zuBz
yo i feel bad for the little guy(i dont remember his name) he just sits there all sad bc hes short and cannot shoot
7:26 best 3 on fire
liam villanueva
Why Jesser Always In The Left Corner when He Making Vids Basketball Challenge Leave A Like If It's True ?
A Person
Zach: I’m chillin I’m chillin I’m chillin
Umair's Awesome World
Love it
Bye the way the video was great but you changed James score from when Mitchell and Zach made and he had 2 than he missed and it said 4 until after he gave in the money it said 2 again
Look at Jesser's dance! 14:40
Diego J. Vazquez Ferrer
Mopi would definitely win
Baseball Tres
Zack wasn’t in the left wing
Wat Mez
Everybody wanna talk about Jesser n James but NOBODY wanna mention how much of an asshole Mopi really is 😂😂😂😂😂
Why is he wearing a Ben Simmons jersey does he a wish to lose his money😂😂😂
In the second round everyone rotated two places except Zach and the dude and the the dye shirt if they switched
They all would have rotated two from where they were in round 2
Micah Whittinghill
You are greedy alongside your friends
Micah Whittinghill
Who else is looking at the ads in the video its not okay to spam ads Kristopher
Braddock Coleman
Is it just me or did moochie and Zach switch places they went in wrong spot
Josiah Ford
We're just the beginning that money from
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Gordon Ramsay Cooks Buffalo We Played BANK NBA Basketball Challenge 2 months ago   11:33

While in Cambodia, Gordon Ramsay visits a local tribe where he witnesses the traditions of a newlywed couple and helps collect honey.

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