We Played BANK NBA Basketball Challenge Gordon Ramsay Cooks Buffalo 2 weeks ago   26:43

We played a basketball challenge with REAL money!

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The real MiilyahJune
You are all trash 🗑 like garbage get on my level
fortnite god 31
Mitchels jumpshot is wet
Gates Nation
6:02 when you get demonitized
EG1340 !
Gotta be honest, Jesser winning nearly every challenge is a bit sus and annoying
c.s. siblings
4:23 The cloud looks like a penis
shrekdeogar _
Jesser shouldn’t be allowed to compete in these
littlez 15
What's wrong with giraffes jumper. He shooting one handed flat af
Trae Pedraza
One of my favorite videos . Keep doing these!!
Lavish Brazy
Why tf yo intro so loud i accidentally clicked on this shit and my eardrums ruptured 🤦🏾‍♂️
AqUa BananaZ
U lied because it’s not $3,000 it is $1,000
Brayden Segerman
You guys need to respect mopi lol
Mason Christensen
I think they just use the same $1000 for every video
Take-thisL Bro
Hey what happened to the other 2hype house
obama care6969
before watching this can already tell jesser gonna win multiple times bc its rigged
Jesser was on fire
OSS Reactz
This is rigged
Juicy Fruit
James: Wears Ben Simmons jersey in 3 point contest
Lil Ice
Slide me some of that 3g so I can get jersey or some PG 13's
Hudzz Playzz
Zach was wearing mb1s don’t even 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀
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Gordon Ramsay Cooks Buffalo We Played BANK NBA Basketball Challenge 2 weeks ago   11:33

While in Cambodia, Gordon Ramsay visits a local tribe where he witnesses the traditions of a newlywed couple and helps collect honey.

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