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William Wei
Oasis: A place of peace and reflection amongst a sea of souls
Part 1 of 3
Brought to you by the Oasis Team

Fairy/spirit keeper: Isabella Bucceri
Director & Cinematography: William Wei
Editors: William Wei & James Feng
Sound & Music: James Feng
Voice: Natalie J
Poem by James Feng adapted from Ella Higginson's Dream-time, 1862 - 1940
Special thanks to Gunjit Kaur, Minh Au, Ajay Daya for assistance
Installation location: Twin ponds, Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney, Australia
Oasis on 6-11pm everynight until 16th of June 2018

Oasis pays homage to the memory of the ‘forgotten’ Australian children who grew up in care; in orphanages, children’s homes, foster care and institutions.

This beautiful and poignant installation creates a sea of lights that dance on and around water. It is positioned in a corner of the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney dedicated to the memory of “lonely, frightened, lost and abused children who never knew the joy of a loving family”.

Reminiscent of fields of flowers or fireflies by a meadow, Oasis is composed of many individually lit fragments, which combine to form a spellbinding twenty-minute looped theatrical shimmer of magic, mystery and empowerment.

The Artists have drawn inspiration from the bioluminescent wonders of the natural world to compose an intimate dialogue between the ephemeral qualities of light and the natural movement of water.

The floating lights bob and sway with the elements but always return to their upright position, a paradox of fragility and resilience. From afar, the lights beckon to all who pass by – up close the lights lead the viewer to a place of deep reflection.

More info on Oasis: https://www.vividsydney.com/event/light/oasis

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How the Universe Works - How Did the Universe Begin Oasis - Reflection | 'Forgotten Australian 9 months ago   00:00

In early 2016, astronomers at Caltech announced evidence for another large planet in the outer solar system. They – and most professional astronomers – call this distant, unknown world Planet 9 (although some call it Planet X, in deference to those still smarting over the IAU’s 2006 decision to demote Pluto to dwarf planet status). The evidence for Planet 9 has always been indirect. It came from the strangely aligned orbits of small objects in the outer solar system. Since 2016, astronomers have searched for a Planet 9 (or Planet X) in the outer solar system, but, so far, they haven’t found one. Now another group of astronomers says the strange orbits of outer solar system bodies can be explained without a Planet 9.

In other words, maybe there’s no reason to suppose a Planet 9 exists.

What’s going on here? Nothing more than the process of science. Science is, after all, primarily a process and a search for truth.
#universedocumentary #spacedocumentary #Universe