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Auto On Wrong Side Almost | Can U Do Ladakh Ride On Interceptor 650. - At Up-Tube.com

Auto on Wrong Side Almost Can u do Ladakh Ride on Interceptor 650. 1 day ago   12:02

Dino's Vault
A split second thing where an auto guy driving on the wrong side comes out of nowhere and almost hits me head on!! Vlog features me participating in Benelli Owners Group Ride. All the highlights of the ride and my motovlog riding Benelli 600i ABS 2019 model.
Song: Notoriety - Vinyl Lullaby
Link: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/Oz0Gg0wbU-8
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Comments 69 Comments

Saikumar Mullalli
Captian america(Sriman bhai) missing
Arfat Khan
Which color in Benelli 600i looks the most attractive from red, white, black & golden.
Chaitu krissh
Dumbo's are everywhere 😐
vivek vengala
these auto drivers and cab drivers are the worst in Hyderabad. rude and the most senseless idiots.
Md zabi
Sir Plz do the latest gixxer sf 155 comparo with rtr and other rivals.
Rock Ravi
Sir please review you Indonesia taro gp1 bike review please sir
sten beetlex
We should always get down and punishment ugly fit for nothing auto driver dogs. They dont reserve to be in our road. Un civilizef dogs
Noorulla Shariff
Want to ride it tooo
I am coming to hyd for my further studies hope I will find u..$
Arijit Mal
Benelli 600i my dream bike❤❤
Chennai Biker Bro
Nice ride bro!
Aggressive Rider
Crazy Bikes In The End .... 👍👍👍
Aditya Pal
Stay safe Dini Bhai... nowadays the autos in Hyderabad is just getting on nerves every time they will find a way to drive in the wrong side and if we say anything they will shout at us only... very annoying
Pradeep Dorai
Though it doesn't look serious enough in the video. It's a highly dangerous scenario in real. Ride safe dino bro....
Tech Hunter
Platina h gear ka road test karo
Arya Bhatt
Bro we want big vlogs
Souradeep Mondal
5:20 this is india.. Kuchbhi hothai hahaha
You handled it well Dino, because you are experienced rider. Autowalas are one group of people I avoid all time, they're nasty guys.
Soloman 5k
I am absolutely blown away the way those parallel twins sound😦 that's impossible
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Can u do Ladakh Ride on Interceptor 650. Auto on Wrong Side Almost 1 day ago   16:18

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