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How To Put A Block On Rotation - Improve Your | Waiststeering 1:6 Scale Model - 2015 - At Up-Tube.com

How to put a BLOCK ON ROTATION - Improve your WaistSteering 1:6 Scale Model - 2015 2 days ago   03:36

Here is a short lesson for all you guys and gals out there trying to improve on your parallel skiing. This video will show you how to rid un-intentional upper body and hip rotation from your parallel skiing. How to put a block on rotation. Note that this is as important for all levels so please take a look at the video before dismissing it on any fuzzy self perception grounds.

There is a lot I did not mention in the video such as dull edges on your skis, steeps or how to avoid icy spots. More on that later. Subscribe to my channel and you will get notified when I publish new instructional videos from both ski racing and ski instruction.

Thanks Rick for all your help and for coming up with the topic :)

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Triggerboy... You've got the actions 100% right, but I don't feel that you fully explained why. Rotation is necessary when the outside ski is utilized as the primary active ski [which you pointed out is wrong]. Outside ski activity needs torque which, when the outside ski is the primary "active" ski, the torque comes from body rotation. However, in regard to the upper body remaining stable and "skiing in" to being countered, that all comes from *actively guiding the inside ski*, whether edged or steered (and often a blend of both). While pulling the hips to the inside of the turn HELPS to edge the skis, the hips primarily should move in response to momentum and centrifugal/centripetal forces caused by continuous direction change. All of it should be orchestrated by the foot activity. Simply put, to do what you demonstrated, guide the inside ski through the turn shape and allow the body position to move to best unlock the feet, and then move the hips inward as the direction change and forces dictate. Of course the hip aid in edging, but to lead the edging with the hips may lead to too much inclination, even though somewhat angulated.
Kápsozta Töltött
It looks bad...
Darijan Šimunović
“Chair ✅, Snow ✅” 😂👌 Great video, and love watching your channel! 👍

I would add littlebit more of “up and down” movement (to demonstrate right time for pressure)... But thats just my style when demonstrating. Keep it up!
Chris Tian
At least, i' ll think YOU WILL MATCH IT
Ethan Chan
snow... in case you missed it lol
steve howze
Woow!, Triggerboy62 has put together some great technical skiing resources on youtube
sole agui
thanks excellent 🎿👌🏼
lunar stellaris
didn see any diff
Furthy Thirtyfour
The reason why recreational skiers rotate their upper bodies to turn is because it works. In other words, the most important thing in their mind is to make sure the skis actually turn and so they will use their upper bodies to help ensure the skis turn. As they become more skillful, experienced and knowledgeable they will learn and then realise that there is no need to rotate the upper body and in fact it is more efficient overall not to do so. So the main reason for rotation is not an overly square body or banking it is fear - fear of not making the turn.
You are the best in teaching. Please more videos like this for intermediate skiers. Could you please make video what mistakes result in early tiring of the foot and legs? More importantly I liked your video on racing drills but could please put a video on drils to fix the problems in this video?
Ra Ni
clay clark
I know that guy can ski, he’s not trying!
David Kirkpatrick
RE: Hip rotation.
The link may be interesting. Deb teaches instructors like she does to her 10 year olds.
Anthony Sears
Dude you are a pusher. H ow about tipping the ski just a little. N ot smart feet.
Cele R.
30 anni fa' insegnavano a sciare in quel modo! E non lo fai nemmeno nella maniera giusta. Prima della fase di curva devi alleggerire distendendo le gambe, invece le tue sono completamente ferme! Inoltre ti lasci trasportare dagli sci senza mettterci sopra il tuo peso così gli sci aqcuisirebbero stabilità! Dopo il cambio di direzione fai un grosso errore cambiando subito angolazione che ti porta troppo avanti lo sci a monte comportando una distribuzione del peso completamente sbagliata e cioè tutto nella parte posteriore dello sci a monte non permettendoti di avere il controllo del fine curva!!!
Detto questo... ...con degli sci sciancrati non puoi sciare così! Non li stai sfruttando per niente. Per prima cosa prova a seguire di più la direzione degli sci con le spalle e automaticamente lo sci a monte si porterà in posizione giusta! La rotazione è gestibile con la giusta distribuzione del peso. Le gambe devono comprimersi per dare stabilità agli sci e poi distendersi a fine curva per alleggerire il carico e facilitare il cambio di direzione!
Cele R.
Mi dispiace ma non ci siamo!!!
Steady Eddie
Thank you for how-to.
Lead the turn with the inside shoulder, works for me and kills rotation dead.
Paul L
Even when demonstrating this turn according to an old fashion counter stance (looking like Stein Ericsson) The practitioner brings the outside of the body around to pole plant. He can't help it, it's how he would natural ski. Following the turn through the apex is completely reasonable, I'm not saying twist or rotate the upper body. But keep the lead the skis are showing you in the snow. If you want to call following the skis lead counter, than so be it. . At the transition, face with your hips the new direction. Once the skis have caught up, then assume the lead stand, as I call it. But to counter throughout the turn is old school, maybe PSIA would like it, but not a serious racer. I would love to see this guy ski at normal speed. I would bet dollars to donuts he does not counter the way it was described while skiing normally.
brandon pearce
Great graphic, simple description, not complicated. I have done every bad habit here. Simple demo to kill the bad habit.
Love it.
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WaistSteering 1:6 Scale Model - 2015 How to put a BLOCK ON ROTATION - Improve your 2 days ago   08:06

Tommy's cleverly demonstrates WaistSteering with a Max Steel fully articulating action figure outfitted with ski gear.