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Halo Infinite's Opening Cutscene | Halo Infinite Gives Me Blue - At Up-Tube.com

Halo Infinite's opening cutscene Halo Infinite Gives Me Blue 1 day ago   14:26

Late Night Gaming
Halo Infinite got a new trailer during E3 in the form of a cutscene as confirmed by the game’s director Chris Lee.Other youtubers have already done breakdowns of the trailer but in the hopes of maybe putting my own stamp on things, I want to focus on things that mean a lot to me as a fan of the series who didn't personally enjoy the identity halo adopted with the reclaimer saga.

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Can't wait to see the full version of this cut-scene when the game comes out. I assume we will be getting a classic "time to calibrate your systems moment" since it sounded like the marine/pilot was looking for the equipment for just that before chief unplugged himself.
Name's OMEGA
Hopefully Spartan Samuel 034 can return and is actually mia
How much oxygen supply does a pelican have?
The_BriefCase K
I had goosebumps when the pilot wiped the window to reveal the Chief
LocoArticWolf 21
Regardless of what happens, 2020 is going to be a kickass year for gaming.
You forgot to add “Fan Service” at the end of “PURE Halo” in the title.

Oh and you also forgot to edit out all the rose tinted sensationalist language from the video in your post production.
Alfonso Uribe
Who is chief talking to when he says “get ready”
I don’t think it’s directed toward the pilot
Kieran Miller
I'm not crying, these imaginary onions that I'm cutting are just hella strong
Sai Mahidhar
Your perspective of this trailer gave me goosebumps
I'm from India
I love halo so much

We all, love halo so much, and it’s so good seeing it back in such a bad ass way
What are those mc proportions in the thumbnail lmao
The best part about this trailer? I had no idea it was a Halo trailer until it showed Chief. It was great.
Master Gecko 117
Pilot: Alright Chief Imma save you from space

Chief immediately after waking up: Imma go back into space

Pilot: wait that’s illegal
- -
He protecc.
He attacc.
But most importantly, chief's bacc.
Jevil on YouTube
When I saw that trailer, I had two words...

"I'm home."
Korean Muffin14
It's not pure halo
Cyro steeltroop
I can tell this isn't a halo 5 type shoot shoot kill run game but more like a let curiosity run free type game
Josh Rhodes
My god, why didn't I play these games years ago?
Joe Fleet
I just hope for:
2 player split-screen campaign
4 player split-screen multiplayer
2 player split-screen firefight
And a good damn story.
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Halo Infinite Gives Me Blue Halo Infinite's opening cutscene 1 day ago   01:56

We waited a year to see more of Halo Infinite and we are going to have to wait ANOTHER year to see any type of gameplay. Watch and listen as Act Man discusses the Discover Hope trailer and his blue balls.

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