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Aladdin- Never Had A Friend Like | Hercules - One Last Hope - At Up-Tube.com

Aladdin- Never Had A Friend Like Hercules - One Last Hope 5 months ago   04:23


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Sofia Ortiz
yo no entiendo nada
Air Conditioning
They should name this "the animator funeral"
Raziel Moreno
Genie is just a UFC trainer at heart.
Raziel Moreno
Did you smoke? Mind if I do?
jin paradox
3 to have 9 more jins.
Genie: You ain't ever had a friend li-
Me: True
Golden Trap
1:16 me
Aladdin must have been super confused with all the foreign references and even some future references
Rango Tango
*No substitutions, exchanges or refunds.*
Hyejin Kim
한국인 없나요???
So I'll just wish a random person to be the strongest being in the universe and get another genie gg easy lol
Graceful Angels
is this sped up by 1 percent? Sounds like it... therefore dislike...
표현력이 진짜 좋다... 윌스미스도 되게 잘했다고생각했는데 이걸 잊고있었어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 근데 이거 tv판인가
jerza scarnandes
All this is just alladin taking WAY to much drugs
Christopher Spaulding
1:29 - 1:34
He just described his own performance here.
_ Thumblchu _
2019 did a good job but this is the best
Hunter Batley
Don't forget the applause sign!
Brandon Cazares
Genie is awesome
Marion Baggins
My Brother: *Singing Robin Williams' Friend Like Me...*
Me: *Remembering Robin Williams* Thank you Bro!!!
I will alway remember Robin Williams Version!!!
Nick of Thyme
This is missing something. I think it's DJ Khaled
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Hercules - One Last Hope Aladdin- Never Had A Friend Like 5 months ago   03:26

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