Uptown Funk-US Ski Team Style Toniemcee - Uptown Funk (Bruno 1 year ago   04:02

Simi Hamilton
This video is about Uptown Funk-US Ski Team Style

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Brilliant, very nice ski team!
Ivan Davydov
Just awesome! Good luck in Seefeld!
Area 51
I am regretting being a part of the USASA
Nillo Pantano
Man får inte åka på räcket på rulltrappor i Sverige
Nillo Pantano
Grow up kids
Torbjörn Lundmark
I seg eint åmmä!
Jessica beauty .... I love her
Patsy Batchelder
Absolutely love this! Congrats to all.
Johan Madetski
It would be more interesting if you clowns actually weren't cellar dwellers in the ski world.
Western Spirit Cycling
Very impressive! Can you come choregraph our high school mtb team video? :)
Congrats on the gold, Jessie and Kikkan. I was cheering so hard for you guys, my throat was sore after the final sprint. I knew it was possible, so I wasn't surprised, but I just wanted the US team to get a medal so bad, because the sport needs it. Preferably gold, but my hopes were fading each time Jessie ended up just why of the podium. So when it was finally time to get that medal, why not go all the way? And they did, with Kikkan doing her strongest skiing in ages, never letting Marit or Charlotte get more than a couple of meters advantage. I've never seen Jessie stronger than this season, and I think the most important element is the fact that she has finally figured out how to ski well uphill, and not just downhill. This race proved it, and I think it was a perfect podium as well. All the other ladies are medallists, which makes beating them an even greater achievement. Thanks for one thriller of a race, not to mention four years of patiently waiting for that one golden opportunity.
Crzy Steve
Pulled this up after the ladies took Gold. Congrats! And this is pure gold as well
Mark Billingsley
That is just goddammed precious!
Rich Webster
Jessie Diggins is the best thing about America!
Joaquin Gonzalo
wtf, *Emil Jönsson* in US ski team ?? @ 0:50
Irene Lundmark
Nice team, no drugs, impressing results, eat surströmming when you come here,
Mikko Muikku
Every best for US Ski for Lahti 2017
Still great. This video alone should've earned you some sort of medal :)
Enjoy the grace!
Torbjörn Lundmark
Hard to beat by the Swedish team (hope they can do it without Emil(cause he is problably the nicest guy on the circuit), the funky rhythm will be hard to beat. Something from Hendrix or Prince maybe? Don't forget to invite Gunde Svan, the most competitive maniac on earth.
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Toniemcee - Uptown Funk (Bruno Uptown Funk-US Ski Team Style 1 year ago   04:19

Si quieres ver la versión sin cortes os la dejo aquí: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/G5kL6Wyvp1L&vaqrk=2&yvfg=HHV_6g3COTfbJcJTpftZAy0D&fcserybnq=10

Gracias a todos los que habéis formado parte de 2014, para bien y para mal. Todo lo bueno es para recordar y todo lo malo es parte del aprendizaje de convertirse en mejor persona. Si que es verdad que mi actividad en Youtube no es siempre constante pero desde luego que cada vídeo lo hago con cariño y cada vez que me siento a editar es porque tengo ganas de enseñar os algo. Gracias por seguir ahí.

Gracias a Duke, Frank, Sergio. Alba y María por bailar. Con esa energía es fácil hacer cualquier cosa... más ensayando 5 horas antes de bailar, creo que tiene el doble de mérito.

Gracias a Izhan, Yum, Paula y Gio por su ayuda. Hubiese sido imposible rodarlo igual sin vosotros.

Gracias a Bastian y a la familia por cuidar de todas nuestras pertenencias mientras bailábamos y apoyar el vídeo junto con Ricardo en representación de 2btube.

Gracias a ti por verlo, por tu me gusta y por tu tiempo. Eres quien mantiene el canal con vida. :)

Feliz 2015.

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