Here's Why Old SUVs Are Shooting Up in Value 5 months ago   12:03

Doug DeMuro

Old SUVs are suddenly shooting up in value. To find out why, I checked out an old Toyota Land Cruiser and a Jeep Grand Wagoneer.


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2:48 is that a crank handle hole?
Do NOT be confused crossover and SUV, Just saying, by the way my vote is for jeep wagoneer for look, Toyota for any terrain stronger.
Jeep needs to remake the grand wagoneer, FCA needs a Tahoe competitor
shift intohigh
Grand Wag...just wow!!!, Would love to drive one again. 👍👍👍👍
I swear if u say that again...
qasim chaudry
Love them
the fj cruiser will be to 2050 what the lc60 is to 2020.
8.00 to 8.04 ....
Morgue Original Music
Old cars are simply better than today's laptops with wheels.
Ryan Brennan
Without watching the video: they haven't made real SUVs since the mid to early 90s and people are fed up with fat station wagons designed to pick up groceries. Pretty close?
Ror bus 507
Look how rare the fj55 land cruisers are
Javi Merlin
Kylee, Keeli
i'll take a trailblazer or envoy from the around 2005 any day over these. they have airbags for safety, they are dirt cheap on the used market, a 7 passenger version available, separate climate controls for rear passengers and they have everything else praised about these two vehicles... true 4wd (hi & lo) as well as 4AWD like modern vehicles and 2hi when you don't want to waste gas in 4 wheel mode - all with a single switch. the extended length with some goodyear tripletreds is great in the snow. they are easy to work on with lots of room in the engine bay. i prefer the inline 6 atlas (former ward's ten best) engine over the v8. you can get one with fairly low mileage for $3k-$5k. there's also the envoy xuv which is pretty cool. change the transmission fluid and transfer case fluid as scheduled and you will be able to drive it 250k miles or more before having to pay much in repairs that anyone half mechanically inclined couldn't fix. the main thing that goes at around 100k is a coil pack or two. but you can get them off of amazon for $20 each (x6) and it is easier than changing spark plugs - do them all at 100k is my suggestion. some have transmission problems way after 150k miles that is just a solenoid replacement but, again, keep the fluids fresh and you will have good luck with these.

funny thing is doug praises these vehicles but would most definitely poo poo the envoy/trailblazer even they they are the same as these two vehicles but with upgrades and not modern crossover upgrades but upgrades one would want with a nice old body on frame vehicle.
liked the video but not your narrator skills
Old car designs 😍😍😍 (80-early 2000)
Alex Cintas
I want to bitch slap you Doug.
Car Guy Repair
Please like and subcribed my page.
Andy Harnarain
No way Doug, that Toyota can pull way more coin than that...
Doug is a lot less annoying today.
Anthony Spaltro
We had 3 Wagoneers: 1968 4 barrel, 73 and an 80. Later I drove a 79 Cherokee with the hated Ensign Blue paint and vinyl stripes, factory lift package.
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Here's Why Old SUVs Are Shooting Up in Value 5 months ago   04:39