Here's Why Old SUVs Are Shooting Up in Value 2 months ago   12:03

Doug DeMuro

Old SUVs are suddenly shooting up in value. To find out why, I checked out an old Toyota Land Cruiser and a Jeep Grand Wagoneer.


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Eggh Man
The Land Cruiser is almost like a main character in Narcos
They made three buttons so when you turn the steering wheel any direction you’ll find a horn button...soo i guess that makes sense.......?
Tornado Brady
But the new jeep wanglers and gladiators don’t have power seats!!!
Doug teleports @6:12
Scott Harris
What mis-guided non-sense!!! I owned a Grand Wagoneer. The wood fades, the doors leek and there's nothing luxurious about them. Sold it 2 years later. Bought a Range Rover. Still going strong!!!
Georgios N. Telas
The Jeep is hillarious. All american philosophy and nothing more. The Toyota has no comparison, STILL. Yeap, three buttons. And visits at the workshop every 5 years at least. Three buttons.
Yeah who needs ABS, airbags, and rollover protection.
C Bennett
You can have the Grand Wagoneer. My parents had a new one in 1987 and when I was picking them up at a Dallas hotel one late night, the entire electrical system fried- only 11,000 miles on the odometer. I had to dead stick coast it off of the interstate into the nearest parking lot at a commercial building, then walk to the hotel to give them the bad news at dinner. We eventually found a ride back to home, 2 hours away, late at night. I don't remember how long a Jeep dealership kept it in Dallas to fix it under warranty work. A total POS. Now the Land Cruiser- people actually want those. As a Toyota owner many times over, I agree.
@Doug DeMuro Do You Have Enough Wood?
had an old jeep, i miss the relaxing steering, you can move it left and right and nothing happens, best motorway vehicle. Just hold the wheel with one finger and let the car go straight. New vehicles are so responsive, should always hold the steering and correct a bit.... even on motorway. My new Hyundai is all over the lane, just can't keep straight when doing 60-70... while my jeep old jeep would keep straight even when doing 100-110mph on the german autobahn.
Bob's Brain
bring back the old toyota logo
tim harper
It looked just like Doug, and sounded just like Doug. Certainly had the same quirks. But this dude said a whole lot of very un-Doug-like shit. And I agreed with all of it. Strange times.
DanLife 1
Hi dug can you please give me a shoutout
Hubert Bartels
That comment that Doug made about the three horn buttons on the steering wheel made me go out to my 1983 FJ60 Lancruiser. I've never noticed that - over 250,000 miles driven in that vehicle and I never noticed that the left horn button is upside down!

Sure, the interior is falling apart and there's rust around the rear window - but it still runs good and brings a smile to my face when I drive it.
Thomas Bangalter
*_S_* hoot *_U_* p *_V_* alue
Vulgar Hyena
Doug- I have a question for you... How was the toyota steering?
hi youtube
In the 80s you drove your grand wagneer on Sunday in 2019 you watch Doug on Sunday 🍿
Nice one Doug! We've got a Wagoneer and an 80 Series Landruiser in the build on our chanel
Anarchists For Christ
If he says why make three buttons again I’ll punch him
Helen Hines
Yeah I'm not fighting with any car before latch anchors for carseats... 2002 and newer baby. How'd they cope with that back then? Guess child restraints weren't as paramount back then.
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Here's Why Old SUVs Are Shooting Up in Value 2 months ago   04:39