What Really Happened at UFC 237 (Rose Anthony Pettis: Fighting Nate 3 months ago   11:11

Here I will breakdown and analyze the stunning bout in Rose Namajunas vs Jessica Andrade. How was Rose taking over? Where was Andrade falling short? What happened in the takedown?

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yao bruce
Muay Thai leg defense skill!! No need to rematch. Its like the body shot to DC.
Rose vs Suarez next
Paul Espinoza
Huh? What happened? She got her ass kicked. THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED!!!
David Jones
Nice breakdown.
Did he say " Jessica andrage " ? Because its Andrade like andradé.
Tracy Confair
Rose was under a lot of stress for this fight and even though she was winning the round's,
Rose was relieved! It was over, she now will take time off, to enjoy her life, and relax, she will always be a winner, Always........
Lee Etchells
Before the fight I said rose would give Jessica a lesson in martial arts.
I still stand by that statement.
Pity she made that mistake.
She is the best in my eyes.
Michael D'Amico
Fucking steroid bitches like Andrade ruining this sport. Now we won't ever see a master fighter like Rose compete again.
Vic Rattlehead
Rose needs to fight again but I dont see it happening. She hid for months over Connors deal where she was never in danger after a loss shell be hiding for 5yrs
Darby Hicks
Andrade is Not a Champion, she is a gorilla type bully. Rose dominated her throughout the fight, and nearly submitted her on her first throw down of Rose. The second time Rose landed poorly, caused her to black out, Andrade did Not beat her.
Shakibe Urphy
Sprawl out the single leg then wrap around wrestling is one of the best martial arts
Elisia H
Andrade= On-draw-de 😁👍
Bass Time
Rose is to cocky I m glad she lost
robert silva
Once again just goes to show once you get too cocky and talk some s*** you get beat she was too confident and underestimated her opponent should have remained humble Rose like that more about you than anything but now that has diminished
costa rica
Jessica should of been DQd for spiking .. slamming someone on their head is ILLEGAL... UFC just felt the pressure cause they were in Brazil.. Rose still the man!
joe v
This sucks! Girls MMA no fun to watch anymore. Both fighters were born boys.
Andrade played the lottery one night and won. I'll bend over and kiss my own ass if that happens again!! Rose outclasses her in every aspect. Until the slam, this was like watching an angry midget getting toyed with.
Marc Antony
Andrade Actually tapped out when Rose held the kimora during that first rush andrade did. Look at it - its clear as day.
Matheus M.
Lmao im laughing my ass off at all those americans commenting here.

ROSE LOST. GET OVER IT. Now the title is held by a brazillian!

Go Andrade!
Andrade is a bull dike you put a wig on rose shes hot
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Anthony Pettis: Fighting Nate What Really Happened at UFC 237 (Rose 3 months ago   12:19

Anthony Pettis joins Ariel Helwani's MMA Show to talk about his upcoming UFC 241 bout against Nate Diaz. Pettis explains that while Diaz is a "tough dude, he turns it on for the cameras" and now it's time to back it up. Pettis tells Ariel that Dana White contacted him to fight Conor McGregor in New York City, but that never materialized so he hung back and kept his head down, and was contacted about Nate Diaz. Pettis says that if he had the choice to fight Conor McGregor or Nate Diaz he would take Diaz all day.

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