rest in peace They tried towing my BAGGED 1 day ago   14:59

Tj Hunt
All great things come to an end

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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

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Tj Hunt
f for respects plz
Joe Hebert
Ripppperino rod knock city teej I can't wait until she's back
Travis Wyant
Having had rod knock before, the instant I heard that noise was immediate cringe and I was yelling at my tv for you to turn it off!!! 😂
Tarek Hasan
Can you post the game of thrones intro cover as a separate video so i can listen to it every morning
at least he can actually build an engine out now fr
Jay Charles
I thought broken inlet or exhaust valve, love your videos m8 all the best from a long time follower from Scotland.
TJ Hunt... seriously dude...we do not want to see your face we want to see rebuilds.... we are straight dudes and you are not a pretty gal... so ffs give us rebuild vids...
I'm I the only one that doesn't like Games of Thrones?
11:10 yeap, TJ just ignore that Supra back there... Cool
11:10 yeap, TJ just ignore that Supra back there... Cool
Bandzz G
put the 2j in a new project car and put an rb in the 350 for the fuck of it since you got all this money to blow
Rocketbros TV
Who’s that knocking at my window
O that’s just Tjs 2j
Zeke B
Hoping he doesn't LS swap it.
Alex M
That dude in the white Lincoln Lowrider lives down the street from me
Ephraim Dimandal
rod knock? I'm pretty sure the bounce back will be sick
Clark King
dude 350z looks sick af
Ronald Charles Nunag
nice white supra 11:15
Alan Saad
Sounds valve train related ,rocker, spring, at least from my porch!
Jake Crouch
knock knock who's there
Christian Ngo
knock knock knockin on heavens dooowooaaahhhh 😭
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They tried towing my BAGGED rest in peace 1 day ago   11:08

One of my air lines snapped off causing me to leave the car at a random gas station for a few days. Tow company was called and this is what they had to say hahah.

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