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The sixth generation Camaro is as compelling to drive as anything from overseas. Now if you could only see out of it… Tom Voelk reviews the 2016 2LT V6 RS model.

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Officer Orange cheetolini
Only thing I’m out in the trunk is 2 12’s & and amp/battery
Lovely Tina Volgs
Nice sound good an Chevrolet come a long way
Good review, and nice car! Thanks Tom, your reviews are much appreciated.
Jeff Charlton
Just bought an 18 RS. Love it.
Steve C
The V6 is nothing more than a rental car ! Junk
Mark Meza
Wait so this v6 has 335 horse power? So can this beat a v6 2015 mustang since it’s 300 hp?
Roman Fierce
No Android support? Why or why? What if I am not a fan of Apple products?
Zaki S. Pontila
I Love The New 2016 Chevy Camaro V6 RS😍😍
Alexander Wesner
Love my 2018 camaro rs 1lt v6 nnp.
Teresa Bradley
I have a 2017 and drive good.
I love it.
B Bailey6954
To bad you can't option the V6 with a limited slip differential with the automatic transmission.
I just traded in my 17 Mustang V6 for a 2.0t Camaro. I was shocked how good the chassis was and when you study it closer the body lines will make you melt. My only grip is the exhaust is to quiet BUT aftermarket will be solving that soon.
Jeff Todd
Find this exact car and I will buy it.
Jeff Todd
This car is sweet
youtube test
Thanks ; short nice description .
Calvin Hikes
The. Don't forget to use the word that sometimes. I noticed that you've almost completely dropped it from your vocabulary when describing cars. And now I can't unhear it.
Jason Williams
LOVE my V-6! A one second difference in 0-60 is NOT worth 4-6K. I'm waiting for the next major refresh, then I'll trade it in and upgrade my trim. I hope they're still making the Arctic Blue Metallic or bring back the Blue Velvet when they do.
Silent Shooter
So the RS package is the V6 correct?
Figaro Figaritz
Is a convertible available?
Whatever Happened To Fun?
3:59 _Does this guy ever leave the bathroom? What is he living off of hot pockets?_
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Chevrolet Camaro - Ni tan americano como 2016 Chevrolet Camaro RS Review 1 day ago   14:42

Rango de precios aproximados: $524,900 - $747,900 MXN
Precio de modelo en video: $747,900 MXN

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