Here's EVERYTHING a McLaren SENNA The Brabus 800 S63 Coupe is Menacingly Cool! 5 months ago   33:46

The McLaren Senna leads the way when it comes to road-legal cars with brutal track intent, but there's also an awful lot for a new owner to take in! During the handover day, you are taking on a full induction tour to cover lots of the ins and outs, and now having become familiar with it join me for a run over of all of its features!

Named after legendary F1 World Champion, Ayrton Senna, the McLaren Ultimate Series car is built with one purpose in mind - to be as fast as possible for a road legal car at the track. Powered by a 4.0l twin turbo V8 with 800hp and 800nm of torque, along with radical aerodynamics that give it a whopping 800kg of downforce, it's quite something to reckon with.

In addition to that though, it features a number of clever technologies including the Race Mode where the hydraulic suspension system adjusts and lowers, active aerodynamics for the rear wing and front flaps, and a lot of things you might not otherwise know about how it operates.

Let's take a tour around the exterior to take in the features and complete specification of my car itself, chassis #281. On the exterior it's painted in MSO Cerulean Blue with satin blue tinted exposed carbon fibre, Dark Stealth wheels with Cerulean Blue centre-locks and MSO Silver brake calipers. Inside is largely carbon fibre and Alcantara with occasional Cerulean Blue touches to add small amounts of colour in a teardrop cabin that is as focused as intended for a car built for the racetrack.

What you might not know about the Senna though, are how you open the nose bridge and where to find the towing eye; what's behind each of the various opening flaps on the outside, and how exactly to operate the Race Mode and Active Dynamics Panel. Join me then, for a complete run through of all of the details that a Senna customer needs to know about their car!

Thanks for watching, Tim


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Join me for a full induction tour of my brand new McLaren Senna, finding out everything there is to know about the car and my specification! Before you ask, this video is a re-upload of the original out of respect to Salomondrin, who uploaded a video of the incident with his car at the exact same time. Come long now there where we'll go in detail to discover all the features from how Race Mode works, to the trick active aero and how all the interior technology works.
Abdullah Salihov
Which mclaren do you think is the best overall
Cyrill Hasler
I love this car so much, one of the best cars ever made 😍
Sam Tuvebrink
How much does it cost?
The most awesome car ever. Congrats!!!
Danny Thomas
99% of the comments are about Salomondrin's burnt senna
1% is about the actual car
At least you'll keep it clean by all yr constant spitting!!
How much of actual track time will this car get?
i thought the new ford gt was your dream car ?!?!?
James Sinclair
There is nothing good about this car.
When is it heading to topaz? Looking forward to to seeing that video 👍🏻
kagiso gerald
You really have a passion for cars shmee
I've got a question, you begin with explaining how track focused the car is, how MclLaren designed it to be as aerodynamic as possible and light weight. Why then do they compromise weight with things like a subwoofer, air conditioning, soft close etc?
Top Gear123
You can probably hear his echo for miles
smiley petersen
does it come with fire a extinguisher 😊
Barrett Jackson $$$$1.350 high bid meet reserve and sold
Tricky HS
Hi shmee I'm struggling to buy a 500 quid banger to get to work so I can provide for my wife and new born baby. How the other half live hey.
as a mclaren senna owner, this was very informative. thankyou
I am wandering how much it's cost to change the oil for the engine
Jonas Maes
The mclaren senna, truly the samsung note 7 of cars
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The Brabus 800 S63 Coupe is Menacingly Cool! Here's EVERYTHING a McLaren SENNA 5 months ago   26:04

Check out the Brabus 800 S Coupe! Not much can top a Mercedes S Class Coupe when it comes to 'baller status', especially not when it's a Brabus 800. In this case the Mercedes-AMG S63 is dialed up to 800 horsepower and presented in style so let's take a look, hear their new exhaust, and take it for a drive!

Brabus turn things up a notch, for example the 4.0l Biturbo V8 now makes 800hp (from 612hp stock) and 1,000nm of torque (from 850nm stock) - no small numbers by any stretch of the imagination. In addition the car is fitted with a new valve controlled exhaust system, external carbon aero parts, Brabus badging, and new wheels, which as a package on their traditional fully black launch spec turn it into something really quite menacing. On the interior in this case the car is largely unchanged, but of course Brabus also have the capability to completely transform it with new materials and finishes for the most personalised car imaginable too.

To discover the car, I'm at the Brabus HQ in Bottrop, Germany, where we can first explore and take a look around before it's time to jump on board for a drive and chance to get a feel for that amount of power. Upon return let's go through the interior functionality in more detail and the sheer level of luxury on offer from the S Class Coupe.

Thanks for watching, Tim