World Cup Day #3 - Third Round Qualifying, Why Are Side-by-Sides So Expensive? Here's the Answer! 10 months ago   21:29

Cleetus McFarland
We're going to get this thing worked out... just have to survive the weekend!

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Cleetus McFarland
Here's the plan guys. The track is SO TIGHT so the plan is to try and use our old diff mount to let the drivetrain move around a little bit more. We think that the new solid torque tube bushings and our new gnarly solid diff mount might just be too much for the current application. We're going to try the old mount and only do soft launches today. We just need to survive the weekend, I already called RPM and said I caved, and that we need one of their C6 rear diffs. The C5 diffs lasted a while but we've reached a point where we make SO MUCH power off the line and through the 1/8th mile that the C5 cases won't cut it anymore. It'll be a pricey swap, but well worth it. RPM always gives us a good deal and they're the best in the business!
Brian Richter
... ohh , mylanta !! ..... i love-it ..
Ken Baker
You go Boo Boo! Good guy, you go Cletus!!!! Bald Eagles!
Joseph Bocskei
Got to love aluminum have a Machine shop Build one out of steel the only thang that might brake on it will be everything in it
Invisible man
That senditsteve shout out!! Glad to hear yall colab. Love both channels
Justin Blume
Well Haha Justin Blume
Always remember, Slip it before you Rip it
Asphalt - Cowboy94
Couldn't understand a word boo boo said lol
Blake Holden
yo, you could tell boo boo was littyyyy as a titty hahaha
Delirium State
That rear mount... go back to stock
Honestly it's amazing some of these components had lasted this far, some fine engineering gone into making parts take that much abuse. I was a commercial motor fitter and engineer for over a decade and know a little bit about failure rates so every time I see 3000lbs of Leroy pushed to over 170mph in under 8 seconds I can barely believe my eyes.
Jerry Lifsey
13:13 women were just throwing their panties at Cleetus.
Jerry Lifsey
13:05 you can hear how sticky that track is with each step.
Jerry Lifsey
9:53 Boo was drinking the Budweisers
Russell Notestine
Maximum Performance Plus!
Steve Mazz
All for the love of the sport.... Hard to make any money drag racing in this class....
In my youth we raced limited Hydroplanes. Again, all for the love of the sport cause the $500 dollar first prize money only paid for Dinner and fuel..... Support those that pay the price to entertain you.
drunk mike
JAMES!!!!! Get The Tool Box!
Was that a toyota celica that smoked you out of the gate and almost beet you? Say it isn't so
Markieo Upton
U should name em G-ROY LOL
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Why Are Side-by-Sides So Expensive? Here's the Answer! World Cup Day #3 - Third Round Qualifying, 10 months ago   08:42

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