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All 47 Sound Fx In Super Mario Maker | 12 Minutes With Super Mario - At Up-Tube.com

All 47 Sound FX in Super Mario Maker 12 Minutes With Super Mario 2 days ago   03:31

We check out all 47 sound & visual in Super Mario Maker 2's Sound Palette, including easter eggs for classic Nintendo games like Mario Paint, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, & More!

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Mc Works!
So we have new screen types when they are applied to Mario, huh, that's what I'm guessing at least like boss and music ones, EXCEPT FOR CHANGES TO THE SCREEN!!!
marc rodriguez
What was the name of that video game again? 🤔
Dagua Webb
Jennifer Bender
The Part where it did all of the sound effects at once is like a Lightning Round.
1: how is there no drumroll
2: How DARE they cut old sounds?!
Can someone make a level where you're forced to slowly make it to the goal pole while the laugh track sound effect just constantly keeps playing and call it "anxiety"
Triton Brenizer
Why does the pig sound effect sound like a short but loud fart??
Mami Hernandez
Whats 2:26 called
Galaxy Mentos
I feel like someone would use the 64 theme for a slope level
UG 9076
3:02 8 year olds at course maker be like
Kevin R.
Nobody says the pig sounds like a fart.
Mrwoofytoofy ;-;
1:53 *OH YEAAH* ( starts dancing )
the creepy baby is back oh god
Where is the sound effect where you could record your sound.. NINTENDO WE NEED IT!!
Alain van der Poorten
Takamaru my boi is an effect
Awesome Luigi
0:38 I didn't know this was gonna be a horror game
Mahdi RANA
I like the new "drama" effect better
Kotori Chan
i miss the disco :(
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12 Minutes With Super Mario All 47 Sound FX in Super Mario Maker 2 days ago   07:52

In Super Mario Maker 2's single-player Story Mode, which can be played entirely offline, Mario sets out to help rebuild Princess Peach’s castle.

To fund this reconstruction project, he needs to collect Coins, which he can earn by accepting jobs from the bulletin board and completing the associated courses. Story Mode is a great way for makers to get inspired, with more than 100 original Nintendo-crafted courses to play.

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