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Does Body Language Prove | Canadian Media Ignore Trudeau - At Up-Tube.com

Does Body Language Prove Canadian media ignore Trudeau 2 weeks ago   09:15

Derek Van Schaik
Will body Language prove that Justin Trudeau, Canada Prime Minister, actually groped Rose Knight, a young woman newspaper reporter?

We'll analyze the Canadian Prime Minister's body language to determine whether or not Justin Trudeau was lying or just down playing his interpretation of the sexual misconduct groping event in August of 2000. In August of that year, an article was written detailing how the young Justin Trudeau groped Rose Knight, a young woman reporter from that national newspaper.

Even though Justin Trudeau claimed to be the biggest supporter of the me too/times up movement, it's hypocritical that he now has his own severe sexual misconduct incident from his past.

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Canadian media ignore Trudeau Does Body Language Prove 2 weeks ago   04:32

Ezra Levant of The Rebel.Media reports: On last night's show, I talked about how Trudeau is responding to the Creston groping allegations now that some in the Canadian media are starting to question him. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/trudeau_s_groping_incident_a_problem_with_all_of_people_kind
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