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Unrivaled: Earnhardt Vs. Gordon | Ask Dale Jr. Live With Special - At Up-Tube.com

UNRIVALED: EARNHARDT vs. GORDON Ask Dale Jr. Live with Special 7 months ago   02:06

Watch the new FOX SPORTS FILMS documentary exploring the rivalry and friendship of NASCAR icons Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon. Full documentary premieres Thursday, Feb 14th at 10PM ET on FS1 immediately following the Duel At Daytona. For more NASCAR news, check out: http://www.NASCAR.com

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Ray Johnson
“You hear that sound, thats Dale Earnhardt on your rear bumper, god help you”
David Stewart
Nascar needs another rivalry for marketing. I hope Kyle Busch and Joey Logano mix it up more. They're two of the most talented of their generation. Both will have multiple titles and north of 60 wins each when it's all settled.
Wow that’s the kind of stuff NASCAR is missing . Dale Sr meant so much to NASCAR but so did the other top drivers from that era who are all retired now .
Earnhardt a great driver?? why? he didn't know how to race clean, he was always pushing people away to win, that's not a great driver that's a bully who can't race nor win clean, Gordon won clean, he's really the greatest
J F Z28
Please rerun this on TV, I missed it and want to see it bad!!
Michael Stevens
Jeff's first 10 years he dominated this sport. If they would have kept the old points system he would have had 8 championships I believe. Gordon is legendary. I still think he can race a few more years. Try to get to 100 wins and maybe another championship.
turbo cruze
Wonderful memories ☺
Loki D. Wolf - Random Stuff
Perfect Valentines gift!!!
Nicky D
jeff was better then dale sr sorry not sorry its the truth this looks like a amazing show wow
Country Fan
Looks like a great show from a great era
Brett C
Love when Earnhardt told Gordon get off the track it’s getting wet and next thing ya know Gordon’s smacking the wall
KingZaySmitty. 24
3 dislikes lol
Those were the VERY BEST DAYS IN ALL OF NASCAR HISTORY !!! 3 vs 24
When Fox realizes who wants TV rights for Nascar races when we can just make documentaries about when Nascar was awesome.
guy sumpthin
No , the best drivers don't resort to recklessly spinning other cars into the wall at 200mph, stop worshiping cheapshots,dangerous cheapshots
Coley Fuqua1
Wow just wow
Serperior Swag
Rain pop instagram MsCheddargetter
Roland Barahona
Man this gave me goosebumps, would love to see a movie made for this like they did for james hunt and nikki lauda in rush.
This gave me chills. I can't wait to see this!
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Ask Dale Jr. Live with Special UNRIVALED: EARNHARDT vs. GORDON 7 months ago   24:26

Jeff Gordon joins the Dale Jr. Download and fields some live questions!

Ep. 242 - Jeff Gordon: "I'm the Opposite of That"
Web: http://bit.ly/2H17XzJ
iTunes: https://apple.co/2Fkf9Wd
Google: http://bit.ly/2Hw7l8d

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