Roy Keane's 'Explosive' Interview Liam Gallagher on Football Focus 1 day ago   20:41

Junaid Nizamani
Keane says he believes a number of "lies" have been told about him in recent years and felt compelled to tell his "side of the story", prompting the writing of his autobiography with Roddy Doyle.
In a wide-ranging interview, Keane talks about the highs and lows of his career to date.
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Roy Keane is an Irish legend!! Love him forever! 🇮🇪 👿 👌
Roy Keane is a fucking hypocrite and an asshole! Always back tracking on stuff he's said.
bryan mcdade
Lineker was like fuck that shit, you do it Kev, you were his team mate you know him lol i dont get why people are scared of Roy Keane? 10 stone pampered petulant footballer with a hipster beard who throws a tantrum whenever anything doesn't go hid way. He'd get slapped about by your average bloke on the street lol
Cliff Clavin
Look at his eyes when he says Robbie savage is "a good player". Absolutely hilarious!!😂😂
Jasper Casper
Who else watches atleast 5 times a year
Am a Celtic Fan & love Roy Keane !
Rai Joel
The real man who doesn’t sale for the money like reporters and all vultures do. Be real , be truthful and avoid nonsense , don’t sale yourself for money... right now most of the newspapers, television host, reporters are talk about nonsense, they are selling themselves for money what tragedy. If you be like Roy truth will come out without hiding , nowadays nobody knows the truth money is everything. So pity all those host and reporters selling themselves for money...truth doesn’t matter at all.
Didier Degenie
I don’t think it matters who you support... You can’t help but respect Roy Keane... And I think a lot of people forget what an amazing player he was as well.
Troll Hater
Guy is a fucking prick Would be bully easy to do on the park with all the other fucking fairy’s said spoke to someone like that out in the real world get your fucking teeth punched down your throat
Absolute Wanker 😡🖕
Neal McEneaney
I love him/I hate him
Sarah Michelle Gilligan
Decent player. Shite manager.
Damage 11
"Why are you talking nonsense about us? Why are you talking rubbish?"
Mohammed Gangat
FEAR THE BEARD #legendroykeane
Scholar Of Babylon
People can't handle honesty, we pretend we like the truth but when someone rare like a Roy Keane who just has no filter comes along, he makes people uncomfortable.
tom rawley
roy kean and sir alex, dosent get any better than that for a winning formula that was man u
A true footballer Even his name. Roy 😅
JJC Games
Don’t really like him tbh. He was a great player but he’s a bit blunt, unappreciative of sir Alex.
Joseph Griffin
Roy Keane - 2014 "As if you'd go into work every day scaring people! hahaha"
Stephen Ward - 2018 "Roy was going off going, 'You’re a f**king p***k, you’re a c***'"
Tom Jones
A top class professional, a leader.the type of player that can take you over the line.if he was at liverpool with gerrad they wouldve won the league without a doubt
Seaneen Walsh
On the anniversary of Man U winning the champions league Man U tv showed the complete coverage. They showed the trophy presentation at the end. Peter Shmiechael was stand in captain because Roy Keane was suspended for the final as well as Paul Scholes. Go and observe how disgusting Peter Schmiechals behaviour was. He should have waited for Roy to receive the trophy with him. But he didn’t think about it once, he hogged the trophy as if it was just his , my advice to you is this if you need the answer why Roy hates Peter and Sir Alex please go and observe the behaviour after the final, Effing disgrace.
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Liam Gallagher on Football Focus Roy Keane's 'Explosive' Interview 1 day ago   06:08

Liam Gallagher è ospite di Football Focus "Ci vogliono i Balotelli. Il mondo è pieno di Gary Neville ed è una noia. Sembra un agente immobiliare". Sottotitoli in italiano 16 aprile 2011.