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Video Details:
You might remember Just a couple of months ago, Tesla announced an update to Model S and X and it cooled speculation on a bigger refresh that just about everyone had hoped for.

Recently, we were given some insider information from a source who works closely with Tesla. Obviously they want to remain anonymous but they’ve worked with Tesla for better part of this decade and have been close to many projects Tesla’s unveiled in recent years.

They shared with us what the potential new Model S and X refresh might entail and hinted at what design variants Tesla has been testing out in the Mohave desert of California in recent months.

We were told the new refresh may include a Tri- motor design, similar to what the next gen Roadster would offer.
The vehicle that was being tested had 1 front motor (what they called a micro motor)
And 2 rear motors (they tested both standard and performance Motor variants in rear)
He mentioned it will have similar design structure in these new motors as the next gen Roadster will. The EPA range was being tested to be north of 400 miles on the Model S and nearing 400 on Model X

When asked if it was a 100 kwh pack or larger on these vehicles he just pointed up saying it will be a Lighter and larger battery pack With a bit of Increased performance expected as well. The S and X are expected to shed about 350 lbs in Battery weight which would add also help add to their range as well.

When we asked if the 2170 cells of model 3 were being used in these S’s and X’s, the only thing our contact told us was that it’s an entirely new design, he wouldn’t say which style battery was designated for them.
so is it new chemistry, or just a new structure to existing cells we don’t know. What is certain is that this would finally bring the full 250kw or more of potential V3 supercharging speeds to S and X.

The tests were being conducted in extreme heat around the Death Valley, California area as well as parts of Arizona as the motors and battery have a newly designed cooling mechanism that they were putting to the test.I think if this motor and battery redesign makes it to market, which I think it will, it will be introduced with the interior/exterior refresh of S and X.

We were also told the interior design language did indeed follow Model 3’s footsteps with the spartan interior. And When asked when we could expect some or all of these additions we were told potentially sometime in Q3 of this year.

If you think about, this timing would provide another major incentive for people to jump into what would remain an industry leading vehicle right in time for when the US tax credit fully phases out at the end of this year.

Now we know, according to Elon Musk Tesla has recently closeod parts of its Fremont factory to its daily tours it offers owners.
This is believed to be for re-tooling the factory for the upcoming Model Y which is expected to roll out in a little over a year and perhaps the S and X refresh which could roll out shortly before then.

What do you think?
Would this incentivize you to upgrade if you waited out after the last S and X update a couple of months ago?

Comments 569 Comments

Marques Brownlee
I'm so ready. My lease ends in September so this timing could be perfect or terrible 😅
Stan Carpenter-Rickert
The renders of the Model S refresh are gorgeous!!
The Akshy Rocksway
My first car, definitely a Tesla Model S!
perfect I hope they bring the refresh out sooner than later. My old car is nearly breaking down and a replacement is needed
Kyle B
I pick my new Tesla up today! Can't wait : )
Vlad Shklyar
So much for the refresh.. elon shooting that down
Bill Kohl
That would be great But today July 9th Elon said no refresh is coming! Sorry guys love the video but don’t think so!!
John Gijbels
Some information from an inside source??? Complete re-design??? What a joke! Hope this was a good lesson! 

There is no “refreshed” Model X or Model S coming, only a series of minor ongoing changes. Most significant change in past few years was to use high efficiency Model 3 rear drive unit as S/X front drive unit. That went into production 3 months ago.

6:08 AM - Jul 9, 2019  Elon Musk
Ben Friedman
@liketeslakim looking forward to your response based on Elon’s latest tweet (appears to be completely counter to this video).
Well this didn't age well.
Martin Stewart-Smith
i want to buy a Model X now - but should I wait until the refresh comes out?
The Future Is Here
That new interior/exterior looks amazing!
This is definitely a redesign, not a refresh.
I've seen redesigns with less improvements than this
CV Crow Canyon Lodge #551
I think it would be a big mistake to remove the drivers display in the Model S/X. That would be a deal breaker for me. If I wanted a spartan cockpit I'd by a Model 3 and save myself $30-40,000.
wow,good news!!! thank u kim
Mario S.
I ordered a Tesla Model S and will be delivered in July 2019.
I should have waited since the upcoming model S looks much better than the current one.
Quantum Alchemyst
Good video! Thanks a lot for sharing this scoop of next gen S and X Tesla models.
Please leave in place drivers display like in present big models. In model 3 and possibly in Y we must point our vision to center, moving eyes or head. This is not natural and don't contributing to maintain concentration on road. May be a HUD display with relevant info having an overview of driver main display in real time...
The render on video of new S model is simply extraordinary with style, certain agressivity but classy. I like it. For me is a masterpiece, pls don't change it so much in the real version for sale
luis Gonzalez
Ok so I want to but the basic model s ($75000) but then I want to upgrade to the long range one, is that possible and how much would the upgrade cost? I know all 3 S models have the same battery that its the software that is limiting the miles.
No matter when you buy or what model you buy you will always be buying a configuration that it on it's way out; to be replaced with the latest and greatest improvement. Something that's not really considered alot is the fact that although it's great to see these periodic upgrades, it brings with it a potential negative effect on resale values on preowned Tesla automobiles.

This could turn out to be a windfall for those of us who really can't afford a brand new Tesla. But for those who plan on selling or trading in their car in order to upgrade it to a newer model, it could be a real weeny-shrinking experience when they're made aware of the loss of value on their initial investment.
Joel David Waterslide lover
I hope that the new Model s get engines and the battery from the upcoming Roadster 2... So I believe that there will be a Tesla Model S P200D in the future. And I think they will upgrade the tech behind the display and system in the car itself to a faster CPU and GPU. :)
My model X got totaled in 2017 and been waiting to get another one after the refresh!! although there's some crazy incentive on existing build model X and I really need an SUV I am gonna keep waiting. Thank you for this useful info!!!
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How Elon Musk Makes And Spends EXCLUSIVE: Tesla Insider Leaks 1 day ago   13:39

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