2019 Chevrolet Silverado vs. Ford New 3.0L Diesel 2020 Chevy 1 day ago   17:25

If you know anything about trucks, you likely know practically everything about the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado and 2019 Ford F-150 because these two pickups are two of the best-selling vehicles in America, hell, in the world. Fresh off a COMPLETE redesign, the Silverado is newer than its crosstown opponent by an entire presidential term. Remember, the F-150 was last overhauled in 2015 when it gained an all-aluminum body and bed. But newer doesn’t always mean better. See which full-size truck comes out on top as Craig Cole tests them head-to-head in a variety of categories including real-world fuel economy and 0-60 payload hauling capability.

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Chevy looks like Toyota now.
Brad Faymoville
G M sucks! Its disappointing how bad the quality has gone down hill. Can't we make trucks anymore???? Always been a Ford guy, but feel bad for Chevy guy! Its no contest anymore, I miss the fun of the battle of the brands.
Luis Sanchez
I've been driving Ford for years and I can tell Ford it's a tough brand. Real drivers can agree with me regardless lots of memes and jokes about This Brand. I own a F-150 2019 fully equipped and I agree with this rating video
Scotty Garbison
Let me get this straight a i4 in a Silverado O M G or a all aluminum 150 I think I’ll go with a dodge
Peter Darr
Are you saying the more expensive truck with more cylinders and larger interior, softer suspension and less payload is the better truck ??
Tsai Ing-Wen is Piece of old Asshole
Definitely Ford F-150, people know buy F150!
Sophal Teav
GM's 8 speed transmission is pure garbage.
Nicki Manaj MegaFan -
The Chevy Just Looks Better.. Dont Lie.
Stevan Stevan
I traded inn my 2WD Extended cab 2014 Ford F 150 STX sport with 3.7 v6 engine to a 2020 Silverado crew cab custom with 4.3 v6 2WD Silverado was 28800 drive out Ford was 29200 drive out in 2015 bouth brand new
Terry Meadows
My F-150 with the 2.7 turbo gets 24.9 city and highway combined. Great power. Infotainment problems at first though.
Trayohesuea Vanderbilt
I'm pretty sure I've seen this guy around driving a little mini cooper.
Unusual Yt
Chevy wins bc ford sucks thats a fact like if your a chevy fan
I wonder why Chevy downsized their front seats so much.
906 Sparky
I would rather see a review of trucks that are several years old and at least 100,000 miles on them. I want to see what the common issues and complaints are. New trucks run great, but do they last?
Cleatus Smith
If you are a candy ass you go for the ford, Chevy is a man's truck. However I just bought a 2019 silverado, would not buy a full size truck without a V8.
Do they have the nerd, _to instantly turn us off_ , _cuz you know he's no truck man_ , _or they think that will 'show' he knows what he's talking about_ ? -youd have got more views with a hot young female in little clothing, as the host.
Ike Chambers
12:04 that’s never happened to me
Very good review. Thanks for talking about the engines and mpg differences. I watch #tflcar videos. They only talk about friggin towing all the time in every video. There are people who look for fuel efficient trucks as well. Not every truck guy wants to tow a massive trailer. And not every truck guy is a contractor.
Beach Greaser
I have a 2002 Silverado that's been a great truck. I take good care of my trucks and I get 10 plus years out of them. It's coming time for a new truck and I'm sorry to say the new Chevy is ugly as hell and a 4 cylinder, really? I'll be looking at the other makes this time around.
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