I Bought a REALLY TOTALED Nissan 2WISTD - We Fixed It!! (FIRST 3 months ago   17:44

B is for Build
In todays episode, were unveiling the new build :p
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Fareoh - Cloud Ten

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Mike Lee
Garbage waisted money
Uhh.... $20k for this? Is this a setup? I'm pretty sure the other guy bidding against him was a plant this can't be real it has to be an ad for copart. NO fucking way anyone who knows what they're doing is going to pay anywhere near $20k for this... I would not pay over $10k for this.
Wow ! Lookingbat the tires alone, I am sure that is an abused car, Nkt worth all,the troubke. Just cannibalize for parts.
Does not seem like a good deal :/ Missing 3/4 of the car!
Le. Farquad
what if someone who owned the vehicle made a different account, and counter bid you so you would pay more for it....
one that had a tap/scratch on the qtr (behind the door) went for about $85k at the auction...
Richard Kemp
Yeah not worth it
Buy somebody's poorly customized piece of doo? Before the accident the car was already butchered & hacked.
Mrr Mjj
Thats a 30k repair job lol waste of time
Old Random Computing
Take a shot every time he says the word toast.
Tow hook covers are like 10 dollars..
Mark Rogers
click bait
Anthony Quigley
americans call any car with damage totaled. its short for totally wrecked. unfixable. which this isnt,
That's going to cost more to repair than to buy a good one, plus what's the engine like, thrashed.
maverick buckley
Good luck sir. Is $20,000 A bargain for a car like that in the US? Not that it matters but it's be around 10k here. Have fun!
This comment section is full of people who think they know what they're talking about but do not have the slightest idea of how body repair works.
Jhosep Pelawi
too muct talk
Eunice Lobb
Ignorant sod. It is not a VIN number.
Eunice Lobb
Caveat emptor indeed. The rust and weakened parts are hidden.
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2WISTD - We Fixed It!! (FIRST I Bought a REALLY TOTALED Nissan 3 months ago   14:32

After years of neglect, we're bringing this forgotten show car back to life! We fixed a strange fuelling issue so now we can finally start it and hear the EVO roar back into life!

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