I Bought a REALLY TOTALED Nissan 2WISTD - We Fixed It!! (FIRST 1 week ago   17:44

B is for Build
In todays episode, were unveiling the new build :p
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Fareoh - Cloud Ten

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John Sanabria
Why rebuild it comes out to same price as buying a used one it's only worth for parts ppl got money to spend on this mean while ppl and pets going hungry with no home
Pim van Dongen
It's still a Datsun
Dhrupal Patel
been here since you had less than 30k subs. Great work man
Wampas Womps
20k and its that screwed up and frame prob bent?? Dude thats not hardly worth 5-10k hate to tell ya. I stay away from auctions for that reason. Theyre rigged usually with another auction rep bidding against u to drive the price higher then when the price reaches the minimum they want they let it go.
jason hawk
You Need a License here in Colton California and as a Formal employee I can't buy the supra we have right now ;'(
Couple thousand would be a steal, at 20000? Not so much.
you never even buy this car its a bs story to get views so cool
Steven Sanchez
So many people doubting this guy. Have a little faith he can get it done.
Mohmammed Hussain
Too much talking...
MeThoDoLoGyy Class
Bro you bought a mess.
Snir Hadad
You wasted my time i thought its a fix car videos
dont ever buy cars from California unless you see it in person
Courage and big balls 🔥 good luck with it! 👍🏼
D Cardullo
Yes he overpaid but if you take into consideration the revenue the videos will bring in .. car ends up being FREE.. Car was 20k im sure he will have atleast 20k in repairs so he is about at market price for one but all the work he is doing youtube is paying for
Skyline and Things
Yep ok, you just earned a subscriber!
1226 wjd_87
This car seems to be coming back from Iraq.
kay poly
As much as I like challenges and manly stuff but, a totaled exotic of this level, aint no way I am paying 20k for that. Now, it might be a sponsored video, or maybe he gets free workmanship or will be fixing it by himself otherwise, by the time you're done, you would be better off buying a fairly used one with no fear something you forgot will let you down all of a sudden. Plus, a car whose frame has once been crashed will never run straight anymore. Never! Yes, it will look like a car, but will never handle well again. All the 14 year olds should keep their comments to themselves, I have been owning cars since you were swimming in your dad's balls.
O is for Overpaying
Ruby Rose
I'd accept one. Hahaha the parts are not extremelyl expensive than the ride itself unlike some...
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2WISTD - We Fixed It!! (FIRST I Bought a REALLY TOTALED Nissan 1 week ago   14:32

After years of neglect, we're bringing this forgotten show car back to life! We fixed a strange fuelling issue so now we can finally start it and hear the EVO roar back into life!

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