SONY VS CANON - Why I Switched to Sony Mirrorless VS DSLR Cameras: What's 1 day ago   10:02

Sara Dietschy
Almost a year ago I sold all of my Canon camera gear. Switching to a Sony rig - feat. a A7S II, A7R II & a RX100.
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Sony RX100 V -
Sony A7S II -
Sony A7R II -
Sony 16-35mm -
Sony 35mm -
Sony 70-200mm -

Canon 5d iii -
Canon 6d -

Shot on my A7S & A7R -
Shot on my RX100 Point & Shoot -

Brandon Owens -


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Kyle Witter
Sony mirrorless GUI’s are horrible after using canon for the past year. Their actual video camera interfaces aren’t bad though.
Shantanu Singh
Her hair looks so beautiful in the white scene....loved it
FranticOdd ball
Sony A7R III use for billboards TVC and MAGAZINES because of RESOLUTIONS
Geek Lab
Congratulations for 500K subscribers
Would you guys recommend the Sony RX100 vi for vlogging
Chris Zayachkowski
Very informative. I was looking for the exact Sony model that she uses. Yikes!! It is over $2,000 USD on B&H. No thanks. A Blackmagic camera is cheaper!
ant billionz
people that says the cannon is better are the people that never used a sony lol I have an a7iii and the quality is on par with the red that I rented which is a 50,000 camera . sony will give you that big budget cinema look
I’m more of a photography person over videographer, and many people say canon is better due to color science and all for pics, but I still feel like Sony provides so much more for the same price or less not just necessarily for photography but an overall quality camera
Chase Westwood
Sony G Master Lenses can't be beat!
Paul Maka-Kea
Now its 2019 mark my word you will be coming back to canon. Canon is about to kick some ass
What do u think about Nikon cuz I’m considering buying the Nikon D7500
Allan Tv
I want ti buy sony 7ii
Allan Tv
I regret that i bought eos m6
Plzzz guys can you sub to my channel my dog died.😔😪😪 And if u sub to me you will make my day
mj kim
did anyone else here watch this and just think like.......sooooo basically shes saying i should stick to canon lol this is the most confusing video ever
Ram Kumar
I will say this, you look gorgeous 😍😍😍, just fall in love with you just with your appearance
Mamiya Phan
A real photographer owns multiple system and multiple formats. There is no silver bullet in photography.
Hello.good job.which camera you use to shoot this Video as you listed three Cameras in your video the way i sub to your channel.well informative
Joshua Miller
It's funny watching this in 2019 and seeing everything she said Sony had over canon the EOS R now does lol
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Mirrorless VS DSLR Cameras: What's SONY VS CANON - Why I Switched to Sony 1 day ago   07:16

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Which camera system is right for you, Mirrorless or DSLR? This is a major dilemma many new photographers and some pros are facing today. Do you invest in a Mirrorless camera or a DSLR? ‎

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There are pros and cons to both systems. This video is designed to help you understand the main differences between the two types of camera systems.

In this video we showcased cameras from Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus and FUJI. In todays market there is pretty much a camera for every function. You have Full Frame (FX) Crop Sensors (DX and APS-C) Micro 4/3rds and more.

Which is right for you? Watch this video to get a brief overview of the pros and cons of both systems.

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