Jeff Dunham & Walter - A history "Walter's Wisdom: The joys of marriage" 1 day ago   06:58

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Jeff & Walter! Get ready to laugh!!!
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My Jeff Dunham PLAYLIST
Mark Acuna
Walter for president
Michael Hintz
You are just the cutest thing ever. Love your videos
roy wall
Gerard Roll
I wonder if Walter is an early inspiration for the great Al Bundy??? 🤪🤪🤪
Gerard Roll
V..... WALTER SHOULD RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!! ✊️😆👍🔥🔥🔥 Some of his comebacks & insults were STUNNING & incredibly HILARIOUS 😂😂😂 Walter must be related to “Chuck Wood”, a similarly foul mouthed & ill tempered puppet belonging to a ventriloquist named David Strassman..... Walter may be Chuck’s uncle or grandad 😂😂😂✅✅✅ This cracked me up BIG TIME!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Marla Hudgins
JEFF DUNHAM is the best
Ian Crouch
What a rude puppet, i guess it would make excellent fire wood, so wait till i get my hatchet prepared XP
LaBecca Shipley
That was very funny, I love Jeff and Walter. Awesome video and reaction V. 😊💓💗
V-Jose Playing Card Deck Reviews
Yo V I found 2 other AlpcaHawk videos that you should react to. They're called Peter Parker wants Pizza time and Batman is not the hero Gotham deserves. Remember AlpcaHawk?
Candace Cherry
Love jeff dugham
Prince Akpan
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"Walter's Wisdom: The joys of marriage" Jeff Dunham & Walter - A history 1 day ago   04:45

Click here to watch: "Top 10 Videos of the Decade! | Jeff Dunham " --~--
Walter "enthusiastically" describe's what his marriage is like nowadays in this clip from my 2006 special "Arguing with Myself." Enjoy!

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