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If You Only Knew: Jared Harris | The Real Life "chernobyl" Story - At Up-Tube.com

If You Only Knew: Jared Harris The Real Life "Chernobyl" Story 3 months ago   06:04

Larry King
Actor Jared Harris reveals his guilty pleasure, the importance of sunscreen on a deserted island, and what we should be paying more attention to in general.

Tom Green And ‘Chernobyl’ Star Jared Harris On The Nuclear Site Becoming A Tourist Attraction: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/DQXLwZNnz1Z

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After over 60 years of radio and television, Larry King dominates the internet with his new Emmy nominated and Webby Award winning shows Larry King Now and Politicking with Larry King.

On Larry King Now, the legendary broadcaster sits down with the worlds most interesting celebrities, actors, musicians, world leaders and internet stars to interview them as only the King can.

Now in it's 7th season, Larry's guests have included: Oprah Winfrey, Harrison Ford, Snoop Dog, Jeff Bridges, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Marilyn Manson, Tyler the Creator, Celine Dion, Bill Maher, Mac Miller, Russell Peters, G-Eazy, 50 Cent, Craig Furguson, Jenna Marbles, Shawn Mendes, Joel McHale, John Mulaney, Morrissey, Mike Tyson, Anthony Jeselnik, Keegan-Michael Key, Alison Brie and countless others.

Want to see more Jared Harris? Check out this video: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/hyTjkn0GbJD

If You Only Knew: Jared Harris


Comments 9 Comments

Annie Warbux
I have missed him!! He does a great job filling in for Larry!!
Jared is soo talented! Love his work! (He is my President U.S. Grant!)
Paul Lannister
Tom Green? Lol Remember Tom Green on MTV and the funny Freddy got fingered.

Jared has the best voice and he seems to be so nice.
Sharon Matthews
Loved him in Chernobyl. He’s so much like his father.
Dang! I LOVE me a smart man! ❤
MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte
_Brilliant... brilliant Actor_ ❤️ ❤️
Alan Kilkenny
Shocked I am , Tom green all respectale, trna be
Ryan Sizemore
Tom with as proper venue. Have Norm on.
Is he saying Nokia wrong or am I saying Nokia wrong?
James Sinclair
Thomas Norton-Crossman
Larry King Now is better without Larry King.
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The Real Life "Chernobyl" Story If You Only Knew: Jared Harris 3 months ago   01:27

Jared Harris, who stars in the HBO miniseries, "Chernobyl," speaks on the reading he did to prepare for his role as Valery Legasov and the surprising story that stayed with him.