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Doctor Behind Film That | Mom Researches Vaccines, Discovers Vaccination - At Up-Tube.com

Doctor behind film that Mom Researches Vaccines, Discovers Vaccination 7 months ago   04:33

Fox News
Producer and physician talk 'Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe' documentary

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Stephany Hannon
Amazed this interview actually aired! I hope everyone who watched it became curious , and watched the movie Vaxxed!!!
RIP Fox, now known as Disney (March 2019). Now the truth will be squashed by the left.
Brooke -
I'm not surprised to see cranks on here
Generic name
I can literally feel my IQ points leak out of my orifices. And my brain is about to follobjwhbhgsvjhsbjwbjhsghjegjhwwbhsgjhhkahj
These antivaxxers are delusional paranoid conspiracy nutballs. This is not a controversy in real medicine. Wakefield lost his medical license because of his fraud. People in a free country are free to lie. This film is a lie.
Andrew Barley
Agenda 21
I remember reading a study saying why it’s mainly in boys girls too but mainly boys because of the interaction with mmr with testosterone
Guo Chen
Nico Aguilar
Dr. Wakefield you have my deepest respects. You are a man that is not afraid to stand up to the corrupt system that runs our country and tell it as it is. You are making the sacrifices that no one wants to make, but you will go down in history as a HERO.
Carlos Novo
Basic probability is need it. A few Vs millions. More and better research will always be needed but to say that vaccines do more harm than good is just idiotic, lame, ignorant...
Canadian Thomas
what a complete fool, well all anti vaxers are. they make me sick.
Simon Moore
The main reason why I’m not Anti-Vax, besides common sense, is that the only argument that Anti-Vaxxers have is Post Hoc Ergo Proctor Hoc(which is basically saying after this therefore because of this); they can’t say that it’s genetic at all, they only this happened therefore because of this. That’s it.
Welcome imbeciles of the internet unite! Welcome to the depths of internet hell. Rasputin returns, in the form of a suave yuppy. The idiot jocks that fell asleep during science class are now telling us to 'wake up'. You're in your 40's and now you think you're going to 'learn things'. You have a better chance of learning how to play a violin than to understand basic scientific reasoning; the ship has sailed. Face it, you are all a bunch of certifiable howling idiots. You and your idiot FOX friends should stick to finding the vaccine puncture wounds in the earth that made it flat.
Håvard Gerhardsen
Vaccines have no ingredient labeling. Some vaccines are "salt water", some are good, and some are dangerous experiments. How come that my Government (Norway) speculates in vaccine stocks and have plenty of vaccines ready before the epidemics are known?
Michael Lucas
The cause of autism has been discovered. It is a contagious disease and children catch it from their pediatrician.
Max Sperling
They dont make much profit with vaccinations, BUT they they do sell expensive meds for the following mental illnesses and diseases. Its still a business model to make profit, nobody can deny that. If this is the price for "safety" well, I would think twice about this.
Yat Ali
There must be a community of people that do not get vaccinated and we can study whether there is any history of autism among them.
cdc has vaccine patents... alot! billion$ a year business.
Bad Word
Mate, I’m autistic and can tell you that me and my three siblings were given vaccines at birth. Only I have autism, and my siblings exhibit no signs of autism. Yes, it’s definitely an intelligent decision to claim that your very DNA can be so heavily morphed as to diagnose you with autism. Pure retardation
Gene Wooster
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Mom Researches Vaccines, Discovers Vaccination Doctor behind film that 7 months ago   08:11

http://www.StopMandatoryVaccination.com - When this mom was pregnant she researched vaccines and vaccination by reading a book, the Vaccine Safety Manual, and discovered the many horrors of vaccination. She learned what vaccines are, what vaccines are made of, the supposed reason for vaccination, and then the type of harm each vaccine can do to human life. She wept and cried as she read story after story from parents who have vaccine injured children. She refused the Vitamin K shot and was berated by the doctor and she refused the vaccine anyway. She figured out that the doctor just wanted her to live in fear. She then read more books and talked with more people about vaccines and vaccination and concluded that we don’t need vaccines or vaccination to have a healthy child. She also learned that children are being drugged by pharmaceutical drugs, which is not in harmony with natural living. She believes in natural living and natural health and natural immunity by keeping the body healthy through organic food, supplements and other natural methods of treatment, such as through Homeopathy. Her child is four years old and vaccine free and healthy.

Contribute here: http://www.gofundme.com/ohwupg

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