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2019 Chevy Camaro Zl1 650Hp | Corvette Zr1 Vs Camaro Zl1 Vs Dodge Demon - At Up-Tube.com

2019 Chevy Camaro ZL1 650HP Corvette ZR1 vs Camaro ZL1 vs Dodge Demon 1 day ago   16:14

Pov DriveZ
2019 Chevy Camaro ZL1 Coupe Supercharged 6.2L LT4 V8 with Extreme Track Performance Package- POV Drive and Walkaround of interior and exterior 4K by PovDriveZ 6 Speed Manual Transmission 650 Horsepower and 650 lb-ft Torque.
This color is called Riverside Blue Metallic and the interior is Jet Black with Red Accents.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/povdrivez
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/povdrivez/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pov.drivez

Special thanks to https://www.paramuschevrolet.com/ (201) 649-0823

Comments 51 Comments

Jonathan Paiva
This is a dream car
Cabby 1979
I agree that video sucked! Come on man hit the gas for god sake.
“Idk if you guys can see that but it says.. FUCK YOU”
without 60 fps, pov videos are useless
Jeff Uthoff
Camera guy, you suk. Quit rubbin it like you wanna screw it. And drive that bitch like it's meant to be drivin.
Priest morphine
WOW, I just bought one of these beasts 7 days ago I'm glad I didn't see your review of one before I hit the dealership. I own this car and I have never rubbed the badges or carbon fiber like you did. What do is plant my right foot on the gas and feel 650 supercharged hp. Dude this is the king of the current Camaro line show it some love, or know more about it before doing a "review" or just leave it alone. This car is a beast, it passes everything... except a gas station.
Every video of his i feel the person in the passengers seat is a little akward and find the guy wierd that he touches every single thing in the car and thinks the key fobs are amazing lmao theyre just key fobs
joey benedetto
The test drive sucked but whateva
Acelera po weon penca
Jay Kune
I could skunked any ZL1 with my Paxton 5.0 Coyote (no problem) in a blink on an eye
jeff whitney
worst review ever! Boring!
Louis' Designs and Rides
why does he rub all of the ZL1 symbols and the carbon ETC.???
Chris Koehne
My favorite part of this video was when you pulled that risky maneuver of not coming to a full stop at the stop sign. Totally took me by surprise based off the previous law abiding drive you were on.
TERRIBLE POV drive. What a waste of video time!!
That thing looks, and sounds legendary. 😱
Damn dude drive it like it has 650 horse power… you should’ve bought a Kia...
Frankie Vegas
So sexy. It’s like Halle Berry with wheels
Los Angeles Lakers
For the morons commenting this video looking for fast and furious burnouts. This car is unsold. I would be pissed and not even buy the car if I saw the salesmen tearing up there inventory to make some broke ass youtubers happy
Isaias Jimenez
What in the actual fuck was this POV😂😂boring ass shit dude no cap doesn’t even floor it a little bit god damm dude
That was the worst drive POV. Stuck in traffic the whole dam time hahahaha
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Corvette ZR1 vs Camaro ZL1 vs Dodge Demon 2019 Chevy Camaro ZL1 650HP 1 day ago   08:51

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