John Cleese On How They Sold Johnny Depp & Ricky Gervais 5 months ago   07:56

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Living legend John Cleese stops by to talk about his book "So, Anyway," how he and his fellow Pythons pitched their show, and why fish are funny.

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Jesse Sorensen
Has anybody told Cleese he's a Adolf doppelgänger?
Antonio Bromelini
Colbert is probably the best US host currently as he has the skill to keep quiet when it counts and gets the best out of his guests.
DONT MENTION THE WAR! I think I mentioned it once but got away with it.
It would be refreshing if the 'Tonight Show' hosts didn't have to do 'orange man bad' all the time,
and could just be themselves more often
John Villanueva
I think they rushed selecting colbert for this show.
Steven Cramsie
LEGEND. Full stop.
Jeremiah's Modigliani
Jeeze Stephen, calm down with the make-up.
Achilleas Labrou
I hate when successful people are appearing to tv only to promote their work.
Peter Karel Kraus
Would you like an argument?
5:22 "It was a non-pitch, it was an un-pitch, it was an ex-pitch."

Bothers me that Stephen was the only guy who got that.
Red Baron
Has anyone ever read "revocation of US independence" (supposedly by John Cleese)?
Too bad all Colbair does now is bash Trump. He is no comedian, all he does is read lines written for him and his whole stick now is Bashing Trump and America. Total Fail-Loser.
Bill Woo
Can you BELIEVE that this gay-assed dogshit was chosen to replace the very Letterman himself???

It made this hypnotically mesmerizing topic too difficult to sit through. Sorry, John. You deserve better.
Did he call him "mythical?" As in he isn't real?
"O Lord... you are so very big."
Midship Sport
Howbout a Rowan Atkinson and John Cleese sketch people?!!
Mac Guy3135
Why is this man so funny. Even him talking makes me crease with laughter. And I don’t laugh properly often.
COYF Tigers
Silly walk bloke is awesome go john boy :-)
Mourning Star
Baizuo extraordinaire Colbert would never have Cleese on now that he's a convicted wrongthinker
craig davidson
Hate American chat shows, the audience's clap or *cough* laugh at the most binile, mundane or irrelevant thing.
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