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23 April 2003 | UEFA Champions League | Quarter-final, 2nd Leg

United had lost the first leg 3-1 to Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu on 8 April. A Raul double plus a Luis Figo strike was answered by a Ruud van Nistelrooy finish which grabbed Ferguson’s team a precious away goal.

avid Beckham, whose relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson had waned since the manager kicked a boot at his head following an FA Cup defeat to Arsenal two months before, was dropped to the bench in favour of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

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Palmeiras 1914
Só tinha craque nesse jogo, times lendários. E Ronaldo fenomeno mostrou que é um dos melhores jogadores de todos os tempos.
Palmeiras 1914
Palmeiras 1914
Palmeiras 1914
Abbas Alawadi
الله على الظاهرة
serdar çelikarslan
fuk look at this quality..
i remember that i used to sniff at nistelrooy's style and football. but it seems too classy to me nowadays.
and zizou, sir
you're completely legend
Pedro Jiménez
Real perso .campeon en union agradista.
Pedro Jiménez
Real perso y juventus final.union agradista
บูรพา น้อยเคน
أحمد حسين
قولو لا اله الا الله تفلحو
Back then we had the luxury of leaving Becks on the bench when need be. Nowadays Lingard, a 2nd Division squad player, makes the team and gets 100k quid per week for it...........I want to cry.
Onur O
Ronaldo is Legend...
The Speshalist
Casillas worked his ass off in this match. Man U for life!!! (even though our current football is straight rubbish)
Xandin Iron
Beckeram no Manchester jogava de mais
a b
Casillas always blames others.
เสือติดปีก Revolution
Polyphonic Zeitgeist
there are just some players who are...beyond everyone else. they are special, magical almost surreal in their abilities. pele, diego armando maradona, carlos valderrama, paolo maldini, david trezeguet, fabien barthez, david beckham, oliver kahn, didier drogba, zinedine zidane, thierry henry, ryan giggs, miroslav klose, ronaldinho, lionel messi -- they just outshine everyone else. absolute legends.
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Barcelona vs Real Madrid 1-2 - La Liga Manchester United 4-3 Real Madrid 1 year ago   13:13

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