Solar Tube Well 15 Hp old Motor Solar system tubewell in pakistan 2 days ago   02:24

Solar Tube Well 15 Hp old Motor 26 solar Panels 330 watt 5 inch delivery Pump 5/6 inch

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Diesel engine Te Tube Well
Nice video
Habib Barki
Sir is number rabta kryn 03007770048 mjy ka number chahye
Radhe Shyam Singh
Nambar do muche Lena ha kushambi se hu
Akhtar Ali
If you do not want to answer my phone calls, should I not yet and contact any other person.
M Khan
اسلام علیکم کیا حال ہے بھائ آپ کی ھر ویڈیو میں بڑے شوق سے دیکھتا ہوں دراصل میں بھی ایک سولر انسٹالر ھوں آپ سے توڑی ری کو ایسٹ ھے آپ کی وڈیو میں کچھ ضروری چیزیں جو مس ھو جاتیں ہیں جیسا کہ ضلع تھسیل ۔انورٹر میں فر یکونسی ۔ایمپئر ۔آر پی ام ۔ لاضمی دکھایا کریں ۔
whatsapp pr reply kyo nhi krte aap.sidhe company ka no. de diya kro.ydi aap reply
nhi kr skte.
Mubashir Ayaz
Water level kitna ha our bore kitny feed ka ha
Pravat Behera
Iss water pump kaha milega Or price kitna ha
Sahid Afridi
पानी कितना नीचे है भाई
And again, I dont get the point of high pressure in this videos. this is a high pressure pump. Okay it is a river based system but this is tur high pressure water.
Chung Thủy
Mình người việt nam đang xem...đây.... Mình clip dậy mình thích xem nhất
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Solar system tubewell in pakistan Solar Tube Well 15 Hp old Motor 2 days ago   03:57

Solar system tubewell in pakistan which is intalled only in 1 million equal to 10 lakh.Its very profitable which is draw out water more then peter diesal engine and trackter system. Its very technology.
solar system tubewell in pakistan.
solar system tubewell. solar system through telescope. solar system technology.
For system intsalation contact Maher Tariq solar tubewell system 03326544211
#Solar_Tubewell #SolarIrrigationSystem
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