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Grid (2019) - Nemesis Gameplay | Ls Twin Turbo Hilux Goes - At Up-Tube.com

GRID (2019) - NEMESIS Gameplay LS TWIN TURBO Hilux GOES 2 days ago   27:37

Testing out the new "nemesis" system to its full potential by playing dirty with other racers. How far will you pressure your competition to the edge? How many racers will lose their composure because of you in one go?

This GRID (2019) video was uploaded prior the game's official release and was available for some content creators to play online. A representative reached out and invited me to test the game out in person. Drove all the way to southern California just to gain early access and meet some of the awesome staff members behind the game.

DISCLAIMER: This is merely a gameplay test. We do not condone driving like this in the real world unless you like to get your body handed to you by the wrong crowd.

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It speaks
Chris Martin
I have a question about the Underground 2 story when you drive Rachel's car in the beginning. Did you do the outrun races for fun or was it part of the story?
Say what you want, but Codemasters always had the best engine sounds out of all the car games. This is no different.
Theodric Gunn
Reiji can u replay midnight club 3
the game looks good but the question is will it be competitive in multiplayer ? Grid 2 was competitive in the apex corners which didnt follow stupid corner lines to actually enter the apex. this game looks not competitive in corners which means passing will be lame !!!!!! i hope im wrong
2008 flashbacks... meanwhile back in the days of myspace and the old youtube mailing system, denis would always say to get the original grid...
Shingo: *heavy breathing*
The nemisis system is a nice addition but I feel like they should be abit more hostile
Sick Gameplay! Can't wait to get my hands on it!
I never heard reji speak before

And i kinda like this because now i can actually relate more

And then he got stuck in traffic and had to endure bad weather
"Listen man, they totally messed up my braking when I got the car out of the shop. Some sabotage stuff, man. Crazy!"
Midnight Club Still Cancelled Soz
Time to return to the Grid series...
Alex The Lava Monster
First! Love reiji!!! ❤️
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LS TWIN TURBO Hilux GOES GRID (2019) - NEMESIS Gameplay 2 days ago   38:26

On Deathwish Episode 5 Josh Mazerolle and his band of gearheads only have 9 days to convert the LS Twin Turbo Hilux into a Drag Car for the Fastest Car Season 2 on Netflix. Watch the guys at Vague Industries as they completely redo the rear suspension and swap in a built 6.0 and matching 4L80e. Will they get the build done in time? Or will catastrophic failure on the dyno make them miss their chance at TV stardom? Will it be faster than a GTR? The Cops Love Twin Turbo Hilux but will they crash the part this time? Watch the full episode to find out and let us know what you think of the new deathwish hilux setup in the comments.

#DragTruck #Deathwish #Hilux

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