Here's Why the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Is the World's 8 months ago   25:09

Doug DeMuro


The 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the most expensive SUV ever. Today I'm reviewing the Cullinan to see why it's so expensive -- and I'm showing you around the Rolls-Royce Cullinan to see all of its cool features.

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Doug DeMuro
Stay to the end for a drag race no one has done before ;)
Praveena Ruud
Actually the world's expensive SUV is karlamman king
Théodor Jagler
Can you please tell me again where I can find out more about your thoughts of the car?
Trucker Nation
$400,000 for the Rolls Royce badge. Today’s plastic cars make metal levers look luxurious. All cars used to have that!
Steve Schutte
No ventilated seats? Disappointing. I guess I won't get one.
Dave Penn
Doug constantly misuses the term automatic/automatically, like when he's describing the door closing feature. "Auto" means "self." An automatic transmission shifts itself; it knows when to shift gears and does so without any human input. Automatically dimming headlights dim themselves when there's another car approaching, without a human having to do anything to alert it. The doors on the Cullinan, at least as Doug demonstrates their use, do not close automatically. They close electrically, or perhaps hydraulically, but a human still has to tell them when to close. They're not automatic in any sense.
Senor Senor
I gat .2 .the area all.good .
17:00 whaaat!? no bluRay or netflix?
That's ugly imo
looks like a waggon
Why does it sound like Steve is digging sand in the background.
Robert Hymans-Williams
Who would take a rolls Royce off roading??? Me!!! 😅😅🤣🤣😂😂😂😜
Deepak k
I will buy it
I'm sorry but for me this car seems to be made for people with an awful lot of money but very little good taste.
Paul Wilson
I have a 2010 Ford Flex, it's the most unusual vehicle I've ever owned. Can you find a Flex to review? You won't be disappointed!
Nathan Drake
This car is not made in terms of that the owner will drive the dashboard have flaws probably
Dominick's Dumbass Channel
Did Doug dig Doug did
Doug the type of guy that even after reviewed it in so many cars he can’t figure out that the infotainment system came straight from BMW
Doug can actually be a great chauffeur, he'll know all the quirks to use for its chauffeured passenger 😂
Robert Finkelman
Doug is the type of guy who thinks brown office shoes go with Gulf Coast vacation attire.
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Here's Why the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Is the World's 8 months ago   11:56