What if Cars Never Existed? Female armor: Fantasy vs Reality 2 days ago   10:03

Cars are so much apart of our daily lives we never even think how society could have changed without them. Well here is one scenario.

Future of Self Driving Cars: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/RGfLcqm3FQR

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Provided that no personal motor vehicles would exist, bicycles would have been a really big thing.

Bicycles, as we know them today, were widespread already around 1900.

The idea to put an electric or internal combustion engine on a bicycle, is rather trivial. In a world full of bicycles, the absence of motorbikes and motorscooters would be very unlikely.
I have one
What if the bitcoin's value wasn't changing?
Dr Oddfellow
Hey I'm from the next dimention over. We call them Bearenstine Bears, Hillary Clinton is Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart is Rosie o Donnell, Rosie O'Donnell played in Theodore Rex, and Whoopi Goldberg has a Duo show with Judge Judy......oh and Smurfs are real, what's a car?
Andrew Halliwell
You totally neglected canals. That's how a hell off a lot of goods would be distributed. They were still in operation for cargo as late as the1950s in the UK and Europe
Ender PGS
If your a car person a car is more then getting you to point A to point B
1st scenario: bigger focus on public transportation. Cities would eventually need to grow outwards, and the result is that subways, monorails, and other forms of public transportation would need to be built and maintained to accommodate this. More people would work for the government as a a result of the jobs created by this public transportation, and everyone else would feel the hand of government in this. As a result culture would be more "federalized," in the sense that people would feel the influence of government more frequently, and culture would change accordingly.

2nd scenario: cities grow taller, massive skyscrapers become commonplace and large buildings may eventually grow into each other resulting in a solid skyline, new walkways would be built on higher levels of the skyscrapers, meaning people could walk to work without going down a hundred floors. Eventually the rich and powerful would begin to occupy the upper levels of these buildings, where the view was nicer and they could see the sun. The poor would live near the bottom, and with a solid skyline the sun would be barely visible, if visible at all to the lower classes. Fire prevention and response would become city's biggest expense, as the entire city becoming one massive building has obvious fire hazard implications

3rd scenario: the automobile as we know it is never invented, but a new invention takes its place. This new invention might have different problems and benefits, but at its core it serves the same function.What this could be is anyone's guess.
young wet-wet
apple watches are catching on now and idk how I feel about it
Optimus Martian
What would the autobots turn into if cars don’t exist?
“Apple watches won’t catch on”. And in 2018 everyone has one 😂
Chris Granger
Bicycles paved the way for motorcars (literally). And Benz' first car was basically a tricycle with an engine and was called as such (Although Hitler later deleted this information as he hated bikes...). Even the idea of this freedom to roam and travel came from bicycles to such an extent that in Britain a law was nearly passed denying women the right to ride a bicycle for that reason. We got rid of our bikes and ripped apart the land for the ultimate transportation system - the car! And now we're digging our roads back up and building cycle lanes because pollution became a thing, inactivity became a thing, and now there are more cars than flies, and maybe this whole car idea isn't quite as rosy as we first pictured.
Epic Sans
We wouldnt have GTA
Zakary Loreto
U̶S̶A̶ ̶w̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶i̶n̶v̶a̶d̶e̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶o̶i̶l̶
Then the Fast and the Furious would be an old western movie :P
Justin Holmes
A world without cars. I would look to Chinese urban cities. Since car there was once for only the rich, and was mad popular and affordable in the last 15 years.
Shafquat Rafi
Self driving cars I can see it now cars kidnapping ppl for rights and freedom
A more believable scenario would be if smaller , lighter engines for cars were never invented till recently, perhaps? Then you would see not just trains and ships, but larger mass transit buses for cities and intercity travel, and expensive luxury steam and electric autos for the wealthy. Also electric trains and trams(which predated the car anyways) as well as electric buses later. Thus cities would be able to expand a but using mass transit but with no cheap private cars available to most people, plus a much more pedestrian oriented city as you mentioned. Horses would indeed only be in the country, as well as steam and then electric tractors.
John Stebbins
I think you needed to go further into how the economy would've been affected by the lack of the highway system and the semis that nationalized thousands of consumer products.
Vincent Lagerwaard
And finally the dutch would conquer the world with a genius invention, the bike, it brings the most mobile army.
Oh, and environmentalists would need to fine something else to bitch about.
Without cars, the inner city would thrive. People that could afford to live in the suburbs today would be living in cities. They would be working high paying jobs and contributing to the tax base. Every city would have a decent and expansive mass transportation system. The poor would be resigned to the suburbs which would look like the projects. Since they probably would not work, there would be no need to live near job centers. The air would be a lot cleaner. It would also be a lot quieter without highway and truck noise.
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Female armor: Fantasy vs Reality What if Cars Never Existed? 2 days ago   14:09

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