What if Cars Never Existed? Female armor: Fantasy vs Reality 2 months ago   10:03

Cars are so much apart of our daily lives we never even think how society could have changed without them. Well here is one scenario.

Future of Self Driving Cars: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/RGfLcqm3FQR

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Dan Hobson
People wouldn’t be working as much and we would not have any gas stations. People always drive to work so they can work a given length of time to get paid and not have to take too long to go to work.
Hugo Dufort
I have visited a valley in southwest France where there is one train passing every 30 minutes, and it stops in every village.
One thing for sure, in a no-cars scenario, commercial districts stay on the main street and do not migrate outside urban centers.
Hugo Dufort
Let's say oil-powered cars never become popular.
Tramway becomes the primary means of transportation. You would have more subways and perhaps moving sidewalks in urban areas.
Cities would be much more compact.
Eventually, the electric car (or personal vehicle) rises to popularity, initially as a tethered vehicle (with a pole and a brush touching wires over streets).
Robert Kreamer
Sorry I pooped
Gabie Cruz
How Ww2 happened in this universe
Hitler:what tactic should we use
Hanz Guderian:Blitzkrieg
Hanz Guderian:By using Cavalry styled tactics
StL ChuckO
As a gearhead, a life without cars would be...
Nightmare Fuel
Cewkaurai Zok'Aerrus
Little late I know but you should totally make a “What if there were no cars in WWI?” video xD with the usual “There’s so many variables it’s impossible to predict. However, this is just ONE scenario.”
Fallout Brother
Nomadic Lizard
Henry Ford is obviously a vampire. Like. Look at him. LOOK at him. Vampire.
Zack Kelley
If cars didn't exist... somebody would eventually get the idea to make smaller trains for travel within cities anyway. Maybe there wouldn't be personal cars but there would be lots and lots of subways, monorails, etc.
Matthew Jiskra
what if tanks were never invented
Michael Guinane
Happy to supply you with research material if you need it.
Michael Guinane
Cody, I realllllly wish you would do one on, what if the American Streetcar Scandal never happened. What if the Oil, Tire and Car industries did NOT buy up all the American rail systems, destroy the tracks and replace them with bus lines (which happened in Mexico as well from US companies). What if they did not wipe out interstate rail companies and replace them with (Sh)Amtrak. What would America look like today? That video I think could get international attention...
Michael Guinane
Must call BS... you have been brainwashed by the oil matrix, amigo. China has trains, Russian has trains, Africa has Trains, Australia has trains.... the USA train and metro systems were systematically destroyed from the 1930-1960s on purpose by who??? The OIL industry ... to sell more product. Why? Because trains buy no oil and planes and cars buy the most. Also the USA has the most lines of rail in the world.... they are only used by freight because the oil industry sells so much product in the USA they can politically stop any passenger train or metro project from every being built. Train travel is how they travel in heaven and I want them back! As well as metro systems in every city. They are 10x safer than cars as well... saying nothing of convenience
Oh thank God I was hoping you'd have a video on this topic
If there wasn't a car WW1 wouldn't have happened... *Laughs in Archduke Franz Ferdinand*
imagine in a hundred years people watching video titled "what if teleport never existed" projected onto their inner eyelids
Provided that no personal motor vehicles would exist, bicycles would have been a really big thing.

Bicycles, as we know them today, were widespread already around 1900.

The idea to put an electric or internal combustion engine on a bicycle, is rather trivial. In a world full of bicycles, the absence of motorbikes and motorscooters would be very unlikely.
I have one
What if the bitcoin's value wasn't changing?
Dr Oddfellow
Hey I'm from the next dimention over. We call them Bearenstine Bears, Hillary Clinton is Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart is Rosie o Donnell, Rosie O'Donnell played in Theodore Rex, and Whoopi Goldberg has a Duo show with Judge Judy......oh and Smurfs are real, what's a car?
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Female armor: Fantasy vs Reality What if Cars Never Existed? 2 months ago   14:09

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