What if Cars Never Existed? Female armor: Fantasy vs Reality 5 months ago   10:03

Cars are so much apart of our daily lives we never even think how society could have changed without them. Well here is one scenario.

Future of Self Driving Cars: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/RGfLcqm3FQR

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Music by Holfix and Sam Kuzel/Cadre Crimson

End Song by No Sustain

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Spike The Lizard
Without cars, main transport is by foot.

(*bikes are visibly upset*)
Perhaps there would be fewer wars in the Middle East. Or at least ones that the US is involved in.
trainboy 165
what if the Titanic never sank?
trainboy 165
All abored all abored AMTRACK!!!!!!
Tom Cyr
Hour and a half commute in each direction....sigh
Eddie Yi
Then the 3 pillar men would be called Whamuu, Esidisi, and Whole Horse
Adam Burmeister
2 Words:

Aaron Smith
Google would now be developing the self-driving horse.
Are there any parts that were specifically designed for automotive used on any of our spacecraft?
That could (in this instance of cars never being invented) make the space race go on for longer in having to design the technology from scratch, require the use of tech that by the rules this goes by never allow us to achieve space flight; or achieve it in a completely different and unknown way!

Alternate history is fun....
Hudson D
yay no global warmng
McCoach Railway Productions
What would happen if the car never existed? A railway man's dream, that's what would happen!
Christian Flores
I loved that little scene at the end
MemeLord 69
What if we are just a test subject for aliens? 0_o
No oil wars perhaps? America (USA) don't need to bully other oil producing small nation perhaps?
The Reatoes
Wait, how would WWI even happen, if the guy didn't drive in a car?
Who's watching in 2019 where Apple Watches and their smartwatch competitors have indeed "caught on". Lol.
I mean if Kars never existed, vampires would have survived
Death Bone
F for cody's fern and window
Why can't Dave make a realistic "what if" like what if America lost the war of 1812
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Female armor: Fantasy vs Reality What if Cars Never Existed? 5 months ago   14:09

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