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What If Cars Never Existed? | Female Armor: Fantasy Vs Reality - At Up-Tube.com

What if Cars Never Existed? Female armor: Fantasy vs Reality 8 months ago   10:03

Cars are so much apart of our daily lives we never even think how society could have changed without them. Well here is one scenario.

Future of Self Driving Cars: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/RGfLcqm3FQR

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alternatehistoryhub/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AltHistoryHub

Music by Holfix and Sam Kuzel/Cadre Crimson

End Song by No Sustain

Comments 4306 Comments

Jai Norman
Less road rage
Tucker Dennis
Ww2 wouldnt happen as the major catalyst would not happen
Ididnt do1
Pfffft... joke's on you walking has always been my primary mode of transportation.
As someone who came from the alternate timeline, I am happy to report that instead of cars, we all use personal transporters not unlike your Star Trek SciFi. 😉
Drew Berry
The rail networks of countries would be much bigger. London would probable house half the UK population with the underground being much much larger. Be pretty cool.
If cars never existed, High speed trail would be a standard now, even in poor countries.
Tyler Dalrymple
I think I might be the only person with absolutely no desire for a self driving car.
Tyrannis Gaming
Lol @ from my apartment to Wendy’s to back
One Life Vlogs
Why does he talk about Henry Ford so much while not mentioning Karl Benz who was way more influential
Love the idea, I'd just bike and rollerblade everywhere
Marc Singleton
If the car (or anything powered by an ICE) had never been invented, we'd walk to the corner store, ride a bicycle to work and take a train for any long distance travel. Imagine an Amish level transportation system but with the WWW
Władca Wymiaru
I believe without cars we would use electric PRIVATE small trams on hell amount of tracks.
In the cities high passages would be even MORE popular, more tunnels, metro ect.
Mass transport would be in it's golden era...and bicycles.
“Relatively cheap to own”

You sure about that?
T Super
if car didn't exist
we can just use Motor bikes
Ironic Altruist
Plot twist about the apple watches lol
Premium Vibes
*Apple Watches catch on*
Row Kah
I prefer walking, cos of idiot drivers
1:07 lol
William Nolan
Animorphs cover animorphs
Thomas takes a toll for the dark
"Walking is the main form of transportation"
*laughs in Dutch on my bike*
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Female armor: Fantasy vs Reality What if Cars Never Existed? 8 months ago   14:09

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