Cherry Blossom Taste Test Sakura Food in Japan 1 day ago   14:16

rachel rose diary
Korea loves a good seasonal theme, especially during cherry blossom season! We taste-tested several "cherry blossom" flavored snacks and drinks, and enjoyed our first spring picnic with friends in Ilsan Lake Park!

Ilsan Lake Park is well known for it's nature and regular festivals/activities, but it's about an hour - 1.5 hours from Seoul, depending on where you're traveling from. We would definitely like to go back, and overall, it wasn't too crowded (even for a Saturday!) and we were able to stay well after the sun set.

Happy Spring, everyone!!


For those who are new, my boyfriend Andy is Korean, and I am American. We met in 2016 while I was studying abroad in Seoul at Ewha Womans University, then embarked on a 2 year long distance relationship journey! We were reunited permanently in August 2018, and officially moved in together February 2019!

We are here to humbly share our lives with others - we hope you enjoy the journey 💕

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Hope you can enjoy some good weather with good friends soon 💕
- rachel

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Itzell Rodriguez
I died seeing Andy in a Mexico sweater! I love it 💓🥺
Chamomile Tea
That cherry blossom pocky looks so cute!
U two are so cute together
How To Korea
Why are cherry blossom snacks never good?! 🤣I'm always hopeful and buy them anyway and am disappointed in the end ^^; Have a lot of fun in Taiwan!!! :D
Sally Joyce
Andy, you are so happy with her. I saw your quick grin when she mispronounced her words. You missed the kiss. You’re so cute. I continue to pray for your happiness for life. 💖😃
Jabulile Mahlangu
Biltong!!!! My favourite snack 😭😭😭💙
Maybe try looking on Klook for some ideas for Taiwan. Wishing safe travels for you both
Mary taylor
So pretty
"Was that okay?" "No." LMAO
My favorite youtuber back at it again with the aesthetically pleasing and cute videos!
먹지지효 Jichelinstar
Cherry Blossom version is my least favourite. Starbucks also release cherry blossom drinks every year and extra stars are the only reason I have them.
Kirsten Corbett
Kirsten Corbett
Low-key counting down three years until Ben and I get to do the cute things you guys do in Korea. He is moving back to Korea in under 2 months and we'll be in an LDR again, and I am not crying at all 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 (read: I'm crying a whole lot already) But this vlog is so cute and it makes me excited for future adventures!!

ANddd back to your video's content. I am loving this cherry blossom promotion so much??? 💕💕💕💕 (even if the taste didn't live up to your expectation) Ireland is 11/10 boring and unoriginal so we don't have these concepts... apart from putting obscure, Irish names on Coke bottles which wasn't even our original idea
Kirsten Corbett
5.02 I am profoundly impressed by this manpower 👏👏👏
Nicoletta Kp
to be honest i'd buy these just for the packaging, also Ilsan is so beautiful♥♥♥
Kirsten Corbett
Korean snacks are amazing. There is only one Korean convenience store that sells only Korean food in Ireland (you'd find very few Korean snacks in other East Asian stores over here.) I'd say my favourite is Kancho and Korean Rice Cookies! I wish there was more Korean dishes and more Korean restaurants over here, you'd only find Korean restaurants in Dublin, which is not where I'm from so it's a shame.
Kirsten Corbett
Wow, Ilsan is so pretty 💕💕💕
x 3 x •
Wiiiii💕I'm first
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Sakura Food in Japan Cherry Blossom Taste Test 1 day ago   05:52

Cherry Blossom Season is among us, and this time of year, companies come out with their limited edition specials. We try the Sakura Pepsi, Sakura Starbucks Latte, Sakura Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, and Sakura Nikes!

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