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How to remove emblems. Plasti Dip emplems black.

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I was rooting for angel to blackout all the chrome front and back, but looks awesome. The little things make the biggest differences. I used fishing line. Works awesome after someone said use dental floss which isn't as good. Great job!
Nicholas Wentzell
it bugs me so much everyone just paints the badges or plastie dips them just buy the black badge
WeisHama Hama
9:41 every breathing female ever.
iron life
Dude below is right..used a hair dryer and fishing line for years and works great and faster .
Michael Ryan
What is the ute its not a Holden HD is it
Eric Bokern
PB Blaster removes adhesive with a quikness
N Esco
Damm bro. It’s cool you did all that stuff. But you could if use a wax cleaner to take the glue off and vinyl wrap the emblem
Ket Zergaw
Ruski Ryan
Try using strong fishing line and loop it around the emblems and pull it tight, it should cut through the sponge adhesive strip without damaging any paintwork.
WD40 will remove the residue easier
0:55 and 5:56 both just killed me . . .
Billy McGee
What if you plasti dipped the letters you took off, would that work right or would it look dumb because of the weird shapes instead of a simple Chevy symbol?
Billy McGee
"put some more on... moron"
Javier Alejandro Bersia
lo quitas con una targe el primer dia que te lo haz comprado y no hace falta hacer todo eso...!!!!!
So I could remove the bow tie in the back and put something else in there?
Michael C
You should have plastidipped the chrome piece on the trunk as well. It looks much nicer that way.
Good stuff, Sir! Can you mail TurboCobra the letters 'LUZR' for me please? You can just put my name on the
NOW...letme think..u got a new car? angel cut her hair short & red ?
Much better now.
Great  idea with the plasti dip.
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How to Plasti Dip - Blaze Orange - Neon How to Remove Emblems. How to Plasti dip 7 months ago   06:04

Sorry I had to remove some songs because they bothered me