5 things foreigners may find strange 외국인에 대한 한국인의 생각 2 days ago   10:47

Simply SSOL
Hey guys this was a fun topic to talk about
Hope you enjoy and thank you for watching~!


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Whitney Titus
In the 80's and 90's in America, specifically in the Black American community, it was a common thing for couples to wear matching outfits from head to toe.
Sarah Steward
I just wanted to say your son is sooooo adorable and also ur videos are super to the point thank u for sharing it with us =] 👾👾👾
Corey Chamlee
Little man in the end is adorable!
Carlos Rodriguez
I think its adorable when couples match. Its not usual where I'm from, but jewelry is more common. Touching is allowed, family used to kiss the cheeks, now we only hugs.
Lee kh
Showing cleavage is not only disdained by women, but also by men.
To us, we simply don't understand why they show their sexual organs.
We see in youtubes that Western female politicians show cleavage in front of formal audience, like congress, political rallies, public interviews, etc. and we simply don't understand why they feel it necessary to reveal it. We think legs are not sexual organs. So it's considered different.

So, at least in Korea, Western women had better take care not to reveal it.
If you really need to show it, whatever the reason might be, you need to get out of here and show as much as possible in your own country.
rob moore
Love your videoa. U are also spoon cute
Strawberry Squirrels
I live in the u.s and I hate sun so I always have an umbrella and people look at me weird
keaton kajiri
I was focused mostly on your drink. Everytime you take a sip I was like "there she goes again " 😂
Sondra Anderson
I have a stroller for my cat, and I'm Korean lol.
april mcmelty
i have to agree with that dog in stroller very weird..
Taline Bxp
Girlll you're so precious and beautiful! This was so nice and comforting to watch! Felt like i was talking with a friend. Loved knowing more things about Korea! Also your son is so adorableee bless him! I just subscribed
Sky's the Limit! Forever Young
"The Whiter the better". I've heard this all my life.
I was law-key liking your video at the beginning just by watching the Title, coz i don't know, it's kind of a relief that someone knows what it feels like to live through those things. And after few minutes i couldn't stop smiling just because you are so adorable)) i like your personality.
Oluchi Emenike
I'm black so...i can't really get any lighter cause i frown upon bleaching
Don't know of many channels where people eat while talking. Hey I like it, at least it isn't ASMR carrot eating sounds lol.
Cristinel Gheorghiu
Koreans are weak by not getting any sun( vitaminD), and many are wearing long gloves covering arm all the way up... ha haaaaa... tell you something... sun cream has been invented, do not be afraid to use it, it doesn’t hurt!..
Richard G
i am an american. but in public, i respect that cultural -personal space when i am with my asian girl friend regardless of what asian culture. if i do not do that, my conscience bothers me. call me a prude or old fashioned. i rather be safe than sorry.
fierce cat
Can you eat before or after you do video? Really annoying.
cw007 guitar
Are you single? I think you are adorable!! I would love to talk to you😍
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외국인에 대한 한국인의 생각 5 things foreigners may find strange 2 days ago   08:14

코리너스에서 이번에 처음으로 외국인에 대한 한국인들의 생각을 들어봤습니다~!
확인하고 구독 버튼 꾸욱 부탁해요:-)