Buying My Blind Dog EVERYTHING He Touches! Buying My Dog Everything He Touches 3 weeks ago   12:17

FaZe Rug
Today I took my blind dog Bosley to the pet store, and I had to buy everything he touched...
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If you read this far down the description I love you

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5:54 skills
Jailed Nebrbf
Donate the food to a dog that needs help
Dylanator 8462
Dude i love your pug ,I have a pug to her name is Bella , she sheds her hair everywhere to it gets annoying sometimes ,but I love her with all my heart.
Jackson Combs
Especily bosley
Jackson Combs
I love pugs
Jackson Combs
Poor bosley :(
Senpai- Artz :3
I love ferrets they are so cute
ItzMeGr33n L0L
I just want to grab him and make him touch dog treats so I never have to buy more
Briley Payne
If i were Brian, i would just take my dog down the dog isle so he at least touches something dog related. But it makes the challenge more interesting when you walk all over the store. Brain is so good at being a youtuber!!
Diana Rios
SavageCorzo Vlogs And More
No please dont remind us, R.I.P Hammy.
Kiaira and Willow
My dog pukes everytime he goes in the car
Fortnite Bros
I am the same as Bosly I am 80% blind in my left eye. It’s hard
Kaitlynn 2009
3:26 my dog hates car.
Global Retr0
Rug this you get this idea from Jenna marbles
Bubby Clemo
Its not every pug its every dog lol
B3m Family
I have a pug
dominic galyean
Back to the window 😂🤣
dominic galyean
Everybody keep praying for bousley
Anthony Mendoza
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Buying My Dog Everything He Touches Buying My Blind Dog EVERYTHING He Touches! 3 weeks ago   08:39

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omg MOOSE GONE WILD LOL. hopefully the adsense of this video pays off all the debt moose has put me into for the sake of his boujee bed and assortment of toys hahahaha. Hope u enjoyed this moosiebear filled vid and I'll see u on Sunday!!

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