Mbappé is Good but... Messi Mbappe vs Neymar Girlfriend | Career 4 months ago   11:11

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Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi vs Kyliann Mbappé at the age of 19 years old!

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Here's Why Ronaldo is The Greatest Real Madrid Player Ever:
Jalmari Ikävalko
To be fair, defenders have gotten a lot better in the last 15 years. They don't slide tackle half as much; they don't sacrifice position so eagerly; and they are more patient in handling players like Mbappe, Ronaldo or Messi. Many of the tricks Ronaldo could pull 15 years ago just would not work anymore. Messi's harder to stop since he relies more on tempo than feints and trickery, but in Messi's case too defenders nowadays would be more patient.
Dekho jalwa
Maradona was once the greatest now he is part of history messi was then the greatest he is now history every one will conquer this old women child eater earth.
.............. des gars qui jouent au ballon quoi....
Did anybody forget Ronaldinho? Monster as a kid🔥
I'm 19 now and all I do is sit on my couch and draw
Jay Gorakhiya
Kunal Bhardwaj
8:10 so we arent talking about that sweet finish?
I have No life
Both ronaldo ja Messi has almost over 600 goals. Ronaldo have 2 goal More because he is older than messi
Michel Iglesias
Yeah. Except that Messi and Ronaldo have never held a world cup. Not even at 19 y/o
Bagos Oi
Messi is the best🔥👏
Sub to KRNG_XGoD
Mbappe is mixed Ronaldo and Messi he dribbles good but not amazing he does good tricks but not great he's fast but not the fastest he's short but not the shortest
A world cup is just enough for his name to be remembered for a very long time
A. Ford
Ronaldo, Messi these guys have been playing in the biggest teams, the French kid got to play more, and not in French league.
Issa Dioume
The difference is decision making skills... they are way better than mbappe at charging through and passing defenders but his skills are more... influenced by Zidane’s style... he plays well with a team, elevates the level of the team members.
와진짜메시는진짜미쳤네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ아메시짜리몽땅하고 인종차별하고개좃같은새낀데 축구실력은신급인정안할수없네개세키
Ibrahimovic9 sy
Messi number 1 LM10💥❤️
King of football for ever
Who is Mbappe 😂
lol check the stats Mbappé is way in front of cf7 ans messy at the same age but I mean way in front. go check then answer, ty
Barfuor Awua
messi's goal against Getafe said it all
Harry M
It is not enough to be a very good player, you also need the stars to be aligned for you. Both Messi and Ronaldo played alongside some of the greatest players and midfielders of their era. Players like Xavi, Iniesta, Giggs, Scholes, Deco, Modric, Kross, Ronaldinho, Rooney, just to name a few, they where all contributing to the success of these two players with major impact. And of course, the luck and the intelligence of playing without being exposed to injuries. What Messi and Ronaldo achived at personal and team level I think it's something will never be touched again by any footballer. They have only 2-3 years ahead, look at both of them, the fact that they are still playing at this level I'll take it as a bonus and personally I will enjoy any minute I can see them on the field. The impact of their retirement for the football game will be huge.
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Mbappe vs Neymar Girlfriend | Career Mbappé is Good but... Messi 4 months ago   14:43

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