Is This The BIGGEST Car We've Ever BEST CAR DETAILING S600 MAYBACH 5 months ago   03:35

Could this be the largest luxury car we've ever had in our workshop?! Here's our video detailing and fully protecting the brand new Rolls Royce Phantom VIII with our Topaz Skin paint protection film, wrapping around all panel edges wherever possible for the absolute maximum protection.



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Bastian Good
Gyulai Bence
How didn't the hood ornament go down?
Tarun Dhama
Background Music Anyone ?
Kevin Scott
Chrysler is just as big id say. That WOULD freeze and crack off bros. Its really not to great in our sun now adays.
Kevin Scott
Looks like Bentley. Oh ya bro for sure. Its masive. Spray is perfect. As long not in 🌞.
Vefa Borjakov
Rolls Roys number 1...🖒🖒🖒
MatthijsGames NL
Nice interior
James Aswin
Music is relief 😍
Galli Ignjat
Music name????? 😇
Ali ekber Gültekin
What's the point? Is it re-sale value? Also if it is worth doing why dont Rolls offer it as an option?
أريتو AB ail
روز رايز
Advia Khan
Royal Rolls Royce kitne lakh main kaam kar sakte
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When washing a car becomes an art
locked in the eighties
There are people who have never been cleaned as well as this...
Daniel Zimmermann
You have to use 80 sand paper.
Well sir there is your car and just run🤣
Free Speech Smuggler
A fine paint job like that...wrapped in plastic?
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BEST CAR DETAILING S600 MAYBACH Is This The BIGGEST Car We've Ever 5 months ago   05:56

My friend just gave me a chance to detail his S600 Maybach. The car was in "bad" condition, heavy swirls and scratches everywhere. The interior is quite dirty.

I had no idea why a 1 year old super luxury car was in that bad condition.

So we did multiple stages of washing and decontaminate the paint, the wheels, cracks, gaps, etc...
The paint surface was clearly a mess: with tar, tree sap, bird drops, and also paint dust (over spray),etc...

After deep wash the car, we did multiple stage of paint correction, to bring it back to life.

The interior was deep clean and conditioned.

After hundred of hours of work, The car just looked amazing !

Glanz - Ultimate Auto Detailing.

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