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Will Donald Trump Win A Second | Trump 2020: A Reelection Machine - At Up-Tube.com

Will Donald Trump win a second Trump 2020: A reelection machine 1 day ago   24:41

Al Jazeera English
The US President launches his bid for re-election in 2020

Few, including Donald Trump, expected him to win the US presidential election in 2016.
Now he's well into his first term, and campaigning hard for a second in 2020.
He launched his re-election bid in Florida, a swing state that he must win.
Trump didn't offer new policies during the rally, and again attacked what he called the 'fake news media' and the political establishment for undermining him and his supporters.
Opinion polls suggest Trump could lose to most of the possible Democratic challengers such as Joe Biden.
So will he win a second term?

Presenter: Martine Dennis
Joel Rubin - Former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
Lauren Zelt - Founder & Chief Executive, Zelt Communications & conservative strategist
Rashawn Ray - Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Maryland

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Comments 1551 Comments

Helen G
Stupid panel👎👎
Lxman Joshi
Fake news
Trump 2020
doug wiedinger
Trump 2020 baby 4more years .
Anthony S2K04
Polls are propaganda.
Didnt everyone learn this in 2016.
How obvious, does it have to slap you in the face? Democrats love getting slapped. For example:
Russian COLLUSION and Meuller. Haven't they suffered enough embarrassment.
Anthony S2K04
Regardless of the ridiculous democratic agenda. TRUMP HAS DONE MORE THAN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT SINCE I'VE VOTED IN 1977. Trump 2020.
sorry..but Mexico IS paying for the wall...maybe not directly..but in other ways..TRUMP is miles ahead of you..maybe you should pick another profession....maybe you should quiet your crying..are you blind?..go take a look..the wall is going up..impeachment?...good luck..it will just make him more popular....you people are out of your minds...you are a bunch of corrupt lyers..trump for 2020...I think you cry babys better get ready for a civil war...
Preston Martinez
That guy can speak for myself thing's have never been better!
Bill Mcknight
Democracy ensures that people have elected the government they deserve- George Bernard Shaw.
Eda Iyin
Well we heard worse in 2016.. If you guys are wrong again, you should be guilty of deceiving your viewers with your one sided reporting that miss the undercurrent again
Priscilla Flach
You should concentrate on the squad and the Democrat who refuse to act like adults and work with the president and run this country.they instigate and fuel hate and discourse. Name call and divide the country. What about these issue. Stop bashing our dully elected President. Oh! They do nothing and are obsessed with impeaching our President all because they lost their power. I could go on and on with the crime they committed on the people and country. These are the real issues you should be discussing. TRUMP 2020 vote out the Democrats.
No comment until the time limit is up!?!
Michael Aiken
Why do people lie on the Democratic side?
Michael Aiken
His second term will be even better.
Kiliman Jaro
America don't want to spoil America no matter what or bad President they've.
But they don't cares no others countries by killing billions of people and demolishing theirs building and stealing their properties
Kiliman Jaro
Then thats show us Dirrty politics in America
tay sezginer
One of the worst thing that the USA could do is vote for Joe Biden! He will sell out the USA to the Chinese PLA!
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Trump 2020: A reelection machine Will Donald Trump win a second 1 day ago   03:55

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