[HOONIGAN] DT 182: Adam LZ Versus My Fastest Drifting EVER - 115MPH 8 months ago   25:27

https://www.hoonigan.com/ On today's episode of Daily Transmission, special guests Adam LZ and TJ Hunt from the Youtube face off in the first ever Deathmatch Triathlon! Mediated by Hert and Jon, many antics and rule-changes ensue.

Thanks to:
Adam LZ @adam_lz
TJ Hunt @tjhunt_

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Comments 1719 Comments

Tj Hunt
That was such a fun time! 😝 see you guys again soon!
Christian Fonseca
Still waiting on part 2.. anyone else?
Lukas Gauvreau
Only now notice they both go by handles with a four letter name and two letter initials lmfao🤣 I feel dumb
LZ TJ Adam Hunt
T Crics
Still needs to be a rematch
pooplord96 jj
Damn everyone hates tj im coming back after such a long time and see all these comments.
All Hail The Core
You didn't really take a clip from a Suicide Silence song for that "Deathmatch" Intro??? Fucking sweet!
Anthony Farris
I'm super late, what's the beef between TJ and Adam?
John Richards
Hoonigan: Here do the craziest burnout you can in our 25 year old $350 car
Ismael Sanchez
With tj’s 350 and adams s15
Ismael Sanchez
They should both go to the new burn yard
Vernik Vlogs
Hollowsquad sticker hell yeah
Blox Vlogs
Who is adam
Tj is such a faggot that's one load his mother should have swollowed or let run down her leg
pbj 268
Please please tell me were I can get the front license plate on shit car .. noticed it at sema 2 yrs ago would love to purchase one !
Rusty Wells
I love that they made them push and didn't help!
4:45 dude, Herts finger😂😂
Yo hert! Where’s simple seat time stallion?!
Alex Perez
Bro im 15 right now but. I be watchin adam lz and u guys every day i got time lol!
johnny apocalyptic
Can we get that rematch now?
William Almodovar
1:12 can someone tell me what happened to the 944???
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My Fastest Drifting EVER - 115MPH [HOONIGAN] DT 182: Adam LZ Versus 8 months ago   28:46

Aaron from Lonestar Drift helped us organize a little training session at Harris Hill Raceway in Austin, TX. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and got me entering at speeds faster than I would have ever imagined. http://LZMFG.com

S13 240SX SR20DET GTX2863R

Follow all the drivers below!
Harrison - @harrisondrifterkid
Mike - @mikevanshellenbeck
Mesker - @meskerdrifts
Aaron - @lonestardrift
Shredder - @Shredderracing
LONESTAR - https://up-tube.com/channel/HP-rYzY8FM2-jHk7yAIsQP5N