The TRUTH about Muslim immigration Ex Muslim destroys practicing Muslim 2 days ago   12:25

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White too polite - how multiculturalism divided Britain

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(From BBC Panorama - White Fright: Divided Britain, about white flight and muslim integration)

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Enoch Powell warned us:
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Nived Prabhu
I'm an Asian and I love alcohol
Steve Dhi
White to polite ..... you got that right.... y'all fucked up.. you need cowboys
petra bach
On the flag it said white too polite
Do they really want to feel the true ignorance of the British?
I blame the government's that cultures are so devided
The cacey review is the government's to blame
Vikrant Sharma
Asians are Bhuddhism, Hindus (Sikh and Janism).
Muslims came from Saudi Arbia, UAE. Muslims are not Asians.
Vikrant Sharma
This is the Govt. of England gave upper hand to islam over any other religion. And this will actually happen because Britain supported islam and now people of Britain (Christian) will suffer sooner or later. They will find the real defination of islam.
Remove kebab
Sam Bee
The Book of Daniel prophesied that in the end times the last kingdom, the Revived Roman Empire, will be a divided kingdom. Iron and clay do not mix, and we’re seeing it play out in our time. The world is unraveling, only the Jesus Christ can ever make things right again.
I. Army
The Stan dont intergreat
Tony H
Fucking horrible
Karry Allowny
need crusade again for real befora late
Ziv Atad
asian youth= no they are terrorists
King Of Kings
The big question is. Why would the goverment allow this? Dont say it has laws, cause it is bs, laws change whenever the goverments see fit.
Ask yourself, why is this? what is the bigger picture behind all this?
Muslim majority countries expect women from other countries to cover up.all their country laws apply to why are they complaining when they're going to other's like you just want everything your way
John Swann
You're people made all this distrust and anxiety and civil unrest, you sort it out or sod off, simple
I will never ever trust another muslim, they are liars cheats and extremely work shy, just please go and rebuild your country DO NOT try to change ours
Jam Tree
Hahahahahahahah - on your doorstep now hey-wouldnt listen to us colonial whiteys -Good luck.
Bee No Steve
To me, "Asian" usually means Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, etc. When did that change?
leslie sweeting
As the old saying goes...when in Rome do as the Romans do
Andre Westbrook
Basic: birds of a feather, click together. This will all end badly.
you're doomed. way to loose a country.
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Ex Muslim destroys practicing Muslim The TRUTH about Muslim immigration 2 days ago   17:01

Ex Muslim from Britain goes on tv in Australia to debate a practicing Muslim who clearly is not truthful. The ex Muslim wipes the floor with the old lady who then plays the victim. In the end they get the ex Muslim off the air to save the feelings of the old lady typical leftists media.