The TRUTH about Muslim immigration Muslims EXPLAIN Why ENGLISH GIRLS 1 day ago   12:25

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White too polite - how multiculturalism divided Britain

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(From BBC Panorama - White Fright: Divided Britain, about white flight and muslim integration)

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Enoch Powell warned us:
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sufi miah
It's time muslims lawfully reclaimed what the west and it's allies stole through war destruction corruption carnage.. look at Iraq Afghanistan Libya and many others. At least we're not pillaging under false pretenses of war..
Zeshan Mohd
respect the british country stay in ur home
Islam claims to be the best for everything. If that's the case then why are things so abominable in most Muslim countries? The middle east is loaded with oil and unemployment. Interesting contrast. Afghanistan is loaded with minerals and resources but millions of the people live in conditions close to stone age. Why are leaders in these countries always watching their backs? Because they know someone is just waiting to supplant them. Islam is about as far from best government as you can get.
VickingVic Bubble
population of Britain grew by 4.5 million. 2.1 million as a result of immigration. But since White British Christians have less than 2 kids per woman, the rest of the growth comes from the children the immigrants are having.... Say it Panorama!
Jeff Smith
send the scum home save your country. they have made there countries there homelands worthless is that what you want for england?
Kashyap Challa
This is the punishment for all the torture Britain did to the world and islam is the right tool to torture Britain because it can't push them out noe keep them in
BossHoggJDK K
of course this is an invasion of Europe and every country over there, if your thinking otherwise your either a liar or completely ignorant that is just a fact. Here is just an example that cant be argued if this was anything other than an invasion if they really wanted the best things for these Muslims and the European people before you had millions and millions of these people flushed rushed whatever you want to call it into all these different countries.first of all you would help them in the owe countries but that cant accomplish the white genocide they want and need.If your trying to help and not just destroy everything.Before you brought in millions and millions of people you would at least talk or have a discussion like how are we going to house all of these people.How are we going to employ millions and millions of unqualified people.We are going to need to educate these people how are we going to educate these people that don't want to learn anything that the west teaches and so on and so on.Dont you think that would be an important thing to discuss but still not brought up to this day. figured it out yet because they do not care about what happens to the vast majority of people they will have them in a tight area they will kill and fight each other for food then be completely out of food 2 days later it will literally almost be a living nightmare.Its going to be horrible, violent, deadly.Disease will be everywhere.The elites will be watching it from their satellite away from everything and laughing at everyone suffering.Their very very evil to do these things to people and dont ever think twice about doing them.
Zebra M
Their national dress in our lands tells us they are planning to be the dominant race in our western lands. And that they are just here for it’s perks. Social security etc
jason garcia
Beware!!! They stay quiet until they have the number. This religion is a disease and should be band in whole world. There is this country -Nepal, the most peace loving nation I have ever come across (Not a single lives lost in the name of religion or race), their 13 citizens were brutally murdered by some Muslim terrorists group. 12 of them were shot in the back by those pathetic cowards and one of them who spoke English just as a means of communication, his head was chopped off and put on his chest. And they fucking video taped it. Do not believe in their lies. Its in their agenda to spread whole over the globe and spread their toxic ideology. Myanmar did the right thing. Respect to Aung San Suu Kyi for her courageous act. Screw the media. More chaos in the world, more profit for them.
BossHoggJDK K
at every single person's expense accept the people that are causing the problems and dividing the people.not at the expense of the Muslims.Not at the expense of the people that are being brought and welcome to that country.Does anyone really need more examples.
alan read
Immigration has ruined england.
Low wages and a lower standard of living and food backs.
Also thousands of homeless people.
Our government thinks more of immigrants ( cheap labour ) than English people.
trhis is coming to canada bloody savages
Angel Delgado
If you come to live in our countries respect our laws or go back to your countries, no more muslims
Fuck islam
Marc A.
When Muslims refuse to identify Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations and when they call for the world's only Jewish state to be "wiped off the map," they cause non-Muslims to mistrust them. When Muslims do not reject jihadism and call for Sharia law to be practiced in non-Muslim nations, they cause non-Muslims to mistrust them. Traditional Islam is both a religion and a political system. It has no separation of mosque and state; this causes non-Muslims to mistrust them. The goal of traditional Islam is to rule over non-Muslims; this causes non-Muslims to mistrust them. British people do not mistrust Asian Hindus and Buddhists; they mistrust Muslims. Clearly, the issue is not ethnicity, but religion and political agenda. When non-Muslims know that Muslim want to put them into submission to their world view, it causes then to mistrust them. Traditional Islam does not tolerate other religions; it puts them into submission. These are the reasons why non-Muslims do not trust Muslims. Muslims cannot refute these concerns, because they are true. They want to rule over non-Muslims and put them into submission to Islam; that is what Islam teaches them is right.
Farhaan Rasool
I live in Blackburn and 97% of my school is Muslim including me
Ralph Williams
Don't get it they are a disease and diseases you wipe out what's the problem governments that's what
Jeremy Boughton
This can only end one way and it wont be pleasant.
Jimi Barker
id like to see all Muslims placed back into Pakistan Saudi Arabia ect
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Muslims EXPLAIN Why ENGLISH GIRLS The TRUTH about Muslim immigration 1 day ago   09:50

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