The TRUTH about Muslim immigration Muslims in Canada: Anti-Islamic sentiment 5 months ago   12:25

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White too polite - how multiculturalism divided Britain

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(From BBC Panorama - White Fright: Divided Britain, about white flight and muslim integration)

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Enoch Powell warned us:
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Eddie Hitler
A strong tradition for fighting for our country and now look, when did we become so weak.
Hania The potato
I’m a Muslim and these comments hurt me well they have hurt me for ages lived with this shit for 20 years since I was born why does everybody hate us why explain to me
Derek Finch
They have created the barrier theirselves by imposing the more extreme adherence to the ideology they push to their children and to those people around them it's not about their identity it is about the ideology that pushes the more extreme views of their culture is not about racism it is about the control of the more radical elements within their groups imposing their views on the more moderate members of their community the more extreme views of many of the mother's that are being built in from the Middle East and then our preaching in their mosque is a moor extreme adherence to their place you have to read the Quran to understand the criticisms of the ideology behind many of the more extreme views the modern the moderates in their community of being more isolated today than they have been for some time recently I noticed there were two moths in a local town I know one Moss was a more moderate mosque who wanted to welcome many people of many different religions and nationalities to visit and see what's going on with a more two of the Muslim mosque are now making the other members of the other mask less welcome because they want to in false the more extreme views on their members this is not about racism or causing violence or entire enticing others to take up this is about pointing out the fact that they are being made to feel by the more extreme members of their community that they are not what to mix with those people outside their faith it has been said on the occasions they will turn your face away from your community said so many times let There ways are incompatible with the Teachings of a more extreme views they can be considered to be moderate more acceptable to other people's views so is among the more extreme members of their communities who feel they are losing control because their members are becoming more westernised and more moderate in their views this is considered among the more extreme members of their community to be a threat to the authority and their control over the many this is only my views is not most racially motivated and I do not in any way encourage hate hate crimes against such communities I am quite sure the only feedback I will get will be from the more extreme parts of the communities and the excuse to not answer these concerns of the majority will be you are a racist you are against us you hate us no I do not hate the individual every person should be judged you cannot judge one person in a community Miele on the 25% or more that do how is the more extreme views of that culture
Derek Finch
I do not want to manage migration it is not in the eu's favour Brussels is in favour of mass migration this is not about getting people to live with one another this is about the creation of an invasion it is about doing away with the identities of those member states and replacing it with a political group that would more than likely agree to every change the EU decides to do without any opposition any accountability to those people of those countries this is what your EU stands for they wish to do away with the identity of member states create a Super State and then go on to create a world government and your tax paying are paying for their dream you're also paying for the Elite to have a lifestyle you could only dream of politicians line up for a job in Brussels because it is like winning the lottery to them y the rest of the population suffers under higher taxes and greater control by the EU as for democracy those politicians in favour of the EU think democracy is no longer desirable for the people it gives them too much say in the way the country as they wish to criminalise those who wish to raise their concerns and want to take back their country from the dictatorship of Europe they are met with opposition from their own governments who share the same dreams has the EU but this is done at the expense of the Citizens of their country and the haters of democracy the haters of identity and fairness and Liberty has no place in the EU is not about trade it is about complete and utter control the EU is no different to the Nazis the same ideology if you wish to disagree with us we will enslave you we will turn you into criminals you have no right to criticise how long will it be before they justify sending you to prison camps like they did in the Soviet Union when people did not agree with their views or they like they do today spend hundreds of thousands of Euros making out anyone who disagrees with them is summer mentally deranged these are all techniques were used in the Soviet Union to silence their critics and then I'll be coming and adapted policy are the EU and the Brussels elite you don't know half of what these people are up to and you think they could never do these things you are naive to think they are not doing these things because their plans are well advanced and it will be too late for those member states why do you think they are setting up European army it is not protect Europe it is in to impose their will on member states they will be able to invade your country and take control of your government if you do not agree with their ideology why does the EU look the other way when South African white farmers having the land taken away from them and the government is carrying out the policy of genocide on the white population of South Africa if we were doing it akala the world would be outraged and action would be taken against those carrying out such acts all men have whatever colour and women are not treated the same the EU has a policy of discrimination against
Derek Finch
When you have nowhere to go because those people from elsewhere have taken over you will not have the money to go anywhere or have the right to go anywhere under the policies of the globalist you will not have an identity because that already would be taken away from you reality I've been stuck where you do not want to be anymore even though your family has been there for many generations when you no longer feel where you live is the place where you once was happy to live we are surrounded by people who you have not anything in common with and you do not identify with their place what is left where you cannot move because the option is not there where there's nowhere to go and you no longer have a say in the place where you once lived surrounded by those who hate your culture who had any have the belief that their culture should replace yours is hate speech even though I've never condone Direct action or condone violence against others it is the only way the others cannot win the argument they use such words as racist in a way to demonize anyone who does not agree with their views recently I bought your laws through from the UN will be deducted by the EU to discriminate against the Freedom of free speech to demonize and criminalise anyone who speaks against mass migration I already feel how words are being ignored how concerns are being ignored and the political elite or Britain are blind to our concerns and forget the aspirations and the concerns of those native people in those country in this country putting resources and forgetting there are many people in this country you need social housing but welfare is restricted to the inhabitants of the country in favour of the newcomers they are creating with their policies indifference where laws have been changed in favour of those being imported into the country with proposals of laws being changed that have stood for hundreds of years in favour of the newcomers political correctness hiding the truth about the problems that their policies have created and in denial about the real reasons they are discriminating against those who live in their country they have a greater goal of creating their idea of society and it does not include us
Derek Finch
You only need 25% of the population who's describe to the radical views that is enough to force the other people who do not think the same way to use those 25% to bully and impose the more extreme ideology imposing their views on the rest of the population if you look at the policies of the EU mass migration is being used to do away with the identity of the host countries this is been greatly increased bye the globalist using the UN 2 and ulcer policy of mass migration it will be endorsed and brought into law by the EU Court of Human Rights yes there is an agenda here to do away with the identity of member countries creating their dream of a united Europe but it will not be united anyone who has a opposition to this policy will be demonised and criminalised for exercising their right to the freedom of speech they will be demonised for wanting to keep their identity of their member states their politicians will be replaced the EU will use its influence in those countries among those politicians to select the candidates they want they have all the money and all the means to do this after all they're heavily tax in most of the countries they have influence over to pay for this dream of doing away with the identities of member states there are only a few states are holding out against this onslaught and this takeover by those elite Brussels unelected politicians and the globalists that wish to destroy the identity of member countries who have signed up to the destruction of the identities of their countries the reality is no one wants to listen to the truth those in those countries walk around with sunglasses on and only believe The Propaganda of the EU their Brussels Masters it is about the loss of identity and the creation of a Super State controlled by the elitist but still we treat such words as conspiracies em and do not want to believe but those people in power always the sparring against the people of those countries there are good men out there who do not turn away who seek the truth and wish to pass that truth onto you they are demonised by the state and seem to be to the state the people that need to be criminalised because they stand in the way or their Vision of a world government if you don't believe this eventually you will and it will be too late you will no longer have the freedom of speech have democracy in your countries and have an identity as a human being or have any human rights only those the Elite think you should have George Orwell wasn't that far wrong in his book 1984 we've already got the creation of the mind please we've already got the creation under the skies of the hate speech they're not there to safeguard democracy they are there to help destroy the freedom of speech democracy and the identity of your state the only hate that is being practiced is to hate these people are carrying out why doing away there anything you can say restricting your right to law how long will it be before they restrict your rights to work you are band from social gatherings and prison in prisons because you wish to exercise your right to the freedom of speech I feel this is not that far away how long will it be before it is illegal to have a brief wanting to keep the identity of your country
Pavel Karanovic
4:22 hold on UK
Mark Tui
Why do you call Pakistani people asains?.... they ain't Voldemort!!!!
Aman Jacob
rubbish people racist
retry tobuy
Islam has no place in the Western world.
As long as I can't run around naked on the beaches of Dubai or Saudi Arabia, I can not tolerate Muslims wearing a headscarf in our western countries!!!! It's NOT acceptable!
I would not be surprised if Saudi Arabia is paying European politicians millions of dollars to write the policy on immigration.
In America, it's hard to have a debate on immigration without someone on the far left bringing up indigenous Americans who were slaughtered over the course of a few hundred years by people who migrated to the continent starting in the 1500s. They try to use this as an example of how we have guilt in the matter and therefor cannot stop our own invasion. As if to say, "Hey you had a good run, now it's time to commit cultural suicide and let the next slaughter happen". They think it sounds like "Hey just move over a little bit and we can fit a bunch of refugees in that park over there.. You don't really need a park do you? The park that is stained in Native blood." But anyone who is paying attention should be able to see, we are not any more special than any other group that was wiped off the map.

The other thing we always hear about. Slavery. I'm not going to say racism and oppression ended in the 1860s, of course not. The more relevant issue, is that people never fucking get over these things, and I don't know if I can even blame it on them. It's just the way humans are. So if Americans are constantly under fire for the Native Americans, and for slavery, and these both happened so long ago.... And after all this time, very large groups inside marginalized races of people are still so angry.

How are Muslims from Iraq and Syria just going to move on, forgive and forget, the fact that the countries they now live in have sent troops and weapons to fight in their former homes? How will they accept future intervention in Muslim countries? What happens if the British military becomes involved in another conflict, and mistakes inevitably occur, resulting in the death of a few thousand innocent muslims? Will there be constant fear of revenge from the same refugees who were at one time peaceful and just trying to assimilate? To give the benefit of the doubt, This first generation may just be seeking a safe home, but some kid who is 10 years old right now might be really pissed off in 8 years. He might feel like social justice is something you do with guns and bombs. Or they might feel that they would be better fit to run the country, their way.

It seems very dangerous to take such a short sighted view on such important matter
Entoy The Dragon
Muslims are soooooooooo shameless.
Its time to wipe out islam rats from d world
Scare Fest
"they speak very bad word to us Muslims" then why are u there? Go back to your own country, nobody will speak bad about Muslims!
Marky Mark
It's their country? Really? UK is muslims country? They've been there and took it over generations ago and now it's their country? That's what that muslim said. Is that true? UK, you guys have a HUGE problem on your hands and it's looking more and more like you will have a civil war on your hands and it's going to be a bloody one and it's not going to go well for the muslims. What will happen is that they will show their true colors when this happens and they will lose any sympathizers. In the end they will lose. But, it will be at a cost. Unfortunately. Why did you let so many of them in?
Joe W
Stop calling them Asians. They are Muslims
De Vult
Ok, which one European country is going down first? My bet is on Sweden.
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Muslims in Canada: Anti-Islamic sentiment The TRUTH about Muslim immigration 5 months ago   09:03

Muslims in Canada are concerned their religion has become a lightning rod for fear and anger, and they believe anti-Muslim sentiment is only getting worse. CityNews reporter Avery Haines explores the issues in this four-part series.