The Kids In Love Tour - Europe KYGO documentary ,,The Key To Success" 2 days ago   04:25



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First song name please ..
Isabelle Abbott
I absolutely love kygo music u r one to remember! 😝
sinan acikalin
Soham Jog
R.I.P Kygo
Jordan-Emile Poppeschi
Please what is the first song ?
Lona Talaat
every time i watch one of kygo videos . smile is drawn in my face ... lots of love .. keep doing the great work and stay blessed
kaderimiz olsun buda senin olsun
Azim Nabiyev
0:33 name of music please.Thank you
DJ GriF8
Great video
Daniela Antunez
I Love you so much much!!
Neo Cyber
such talent There is no one who does it BETTER, not only do i love your mixes but i love the look in your eyes can see you love to make music
Veronica Masson
lp 4ever
emilia sjostrom
well done!
Kygo best dj and producer
Stella Roserain
Olle Aronsson
why so many dislikes?
damn i love his piano chords
Henrik Hopen
Lik hvis du er Norsk
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KYGO documentary ,,The Key To Success" The Kids In Love Tour - Europe 2 days ago   19:31

*English subtitles available

Billions of people all over the world dance and chill out to Kygo's music. How did he break the hitlists from his childhood bedroom? This documentary follows Kygo behind the scenes and tells the story of his worldwide success.

Documentary "Kygo: A billion streams and counting" by NRK TV ©, 2015

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