Thinkercon, Meet My Pets and Mail-time! Top 10 Best Latest New Technology DIY POWER 1 week ago   19:43

Bobby Duke Arts
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In this video I show you some highlights of my trip to Thinkercon. I also give you a MTV Cribs style tour of my chameleon’s cage and show you all of my pets. Thank you so much to everyone who mailed me stuff! At the end of the video I unbox some of the amazing things you guys sent me :)

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Thanks so much Bobby! It was a real dadgum pleasure hanging with you! Dabchick is pickled tink!
Sammy P
Remember when ya'll was at 2k??
Im so happy and proud you've come along this far :)
Congrats Dukey
Agos Alvarez
Katie _
He's making an infinity gauntlet isn't he
Ashley Hastings
This video is just too good, I had to subscribe
12:42 laughed so hard
Blossoms and friends channel
He changed 6 times xD
what is the name off your sunglasses??
Infinity gauntlet maybe
All kindz of fantastic four action... All kindz
D Dreddeddie
I think you should create something to support pewdiepie vs t-series thing
alpha wolf Wolflord
Hey what part of Texas do you live in
theicy_ violet
Donny is really pritty
theicy_ violet
This was a little like a vlog
Fire and The flame
Please carve the heart of tefiti if that’s how you spell it
From Moana
Jose T on T
Now I love your videos more than ever because you love animals👍
Alston White
Post more often
EyelessGhost Tv
why i get the feelin joahnna (hope its correct spelled) wanna kill you and your fam and every other human beeing on the world
Christian Kungen
You suck😕
Never ending stoooooryyyyy na na na na na na na na na
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Top 10 Best Latest New Technology DIY POWER Thinkercon, Meet My Pets and Mail-time! 1 week ago   11:33

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DEWALT DCN890 18V Cordless XR Concrete Nailer
Greenlee G-Series Smart Pull

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