Thinkercon, Meet My Pets and Mail-time! Top 10 Best Latest New Technology DIY POWER 3 months ago   19:43

Bobby Duke Arts
If you want to learn about sculpting or just learn something new, please check out Skillshare. The first 500 people to use my link will get 2 months free!

In this video I show you some highlights of my trip to Thinkercon. I also give you a MTV Cribs style tour of my chameleon’s cage and show you all of my pets. Thank you so much to everyone who mailed me stuff! At the end of the video I unbox some of the amazing things you guys sent me :)

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Thanks so much Bobby! It was a real dadgum pleasure hanging with you! Dabchick is pickled tink!
JKstudio Gacha
I want to see you boop a snek!
cosmic wolf
I have the same white ball python as you
NEsinper wolf
When it said actual moron i laughed so hard
Jamison the Gamer
Thanks to me I subbed a year ago
Kim Besse
I have a leopard gecko her name is ninja
Jean N
Neverending Story!!!! 🎵Turn Around🎵
Lady Lucius
THE NEVERENDiNG STORY! That's where 'TheChildlike Empress' comes from!
Snoop Ham
Drive safe don’t be disracted driving
Snoop Ham
Don’t attempt
nemy santos
dude... you made me jump with the tarantula lol
gacha gaming fun
I have a few cats but only three of them I have acually named and they are all black but they are easy to tell apart bye how they act and how they look there names are...Blackout,Storm cloud,and Shadow
Ao J
The child-like empress: Never ending story
Dabeast Gaming
I love lizards and i never wouldev thought someone like you (an artist/builder) would beinto that
Elaine Merrill
My cousin is in huntsville correctional Huntsville serving life. He's mean, always has been. No sense of humor. No outlet for dysfunction... I wrote to him thinking he would want a friend. Didn't work. Thank God family can show you what not to do or be. Anger. Meanness. Bitterness. Hatred. Things family taught me. Not just cousin. Male role models hugely messed in the head in my family preying on women. I've been learning love is powerful and showing that is hard to my family, that there are other ways to live without causing harm. I want to save them from all that hate but i can't. I can blame family for my own addiction/z, but then i started sound like them and be like them, ewe. But Thank God For Forgiveness. And grace. There's a way through life 😊 happy... Letting go of broken emotional tools codependancy drugs and getting the right tools for the right job steps, God, prayer. Thank you for reminding me to pick up my art, i draw, pencil, ink, markers...crazy happy things that make me smile... I've filled up one journal in a few days. Laughing is great medicine. I'm clean/sober 12 years, adult children cycling out of there additions....restoring home to healthy ways is always worth any trauma or pain i face in recovery. Life is a huge blessing. Every moment worth keeping peace joy love and hope. I'm in my 50's it's never too late to take risks to try new career change i am doing hospice work...the end of life saying goodbye...nursing iz a new change for me. May God bless you and you journey through knowing yourself. I have similar trauma, anxiety traits and depression. You are hysterical hun and a bright spot in my crazy life. I don't do online stuff much unless its recovery related. But i landed on your site because i used to do construction heavy duty. I've done crafts for my close few friends instead of buying things...they encourage me to do more.. I have more inspiration from watching your don't know how normal your kind of crazy is for me dear. Thanks a huge butt load. If i was closer, I'd be watching with coffe in one hand and bottle of water on the other..yeah I'm still a two fisted drinker...but a sober one now!!!
Becca Chapman
Neverending Story.
do the snakes have heating? not to be picky or anything but when he said ball pythons were easy to care for he didnt uhh say they need specific heating and humidity which they do. ik there might be heat tape im just wondering
Holly Gibbs
Congrats on 2k!!! Am soooo not a 🐍 fan but the Ivory ball python is just Gorgeous! Eeeeeek a 🕷 your right about adoption we have a rescue farm
Matthew Gregory
I was about to click on a mark robber video then i saw you met him
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Top 10 Best Latest New Technology DIY POWER Thinkercon, Meet My Pets and Mail-time! 3 months ago   11:33

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