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Here's How The Notre-Dame Paris Cathedral | Inside Notre-Dame Cathedral After - At Up-Tube.com

Here's How The Notre-Dame Paris Cathedral Inside Notre-Dame Cathedral after 1 day ago   16:20

Derek Van Schaik
Here’s how the Notre-Dame Paris Cathedral fire all happened and why that cathedral fire grew completely wild.

In November 2011, I visited the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. It’s purely massive, pictures don’t do it justice. We don’t have structures that old and that massive here in the United States. Many of you saw the Notre-Dame Paris Cathedral fire on the news, which almost completely destroyed the French Gothic cathedral. We’re going to investigate and reveal how the massive Notre-Dame Paris Cathedral fire on April 15, 2019 all happened, while also revealing why the fire grew to be so massive. We start by turning back the clock, one year before the fire.

In the comments: What do you think specifically caused the Notre-Dame Paris Cathedral fire? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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Comments 786 Comments

Derek Van Schaik
What do you think specifically caused the Notre-Dame Paris Cathedral fire?
Felene Loreen
You should do one on how Donald trump became president #pussyassbitchpresident
Ida Wendigo
Damn those people are so dramatic. Chill, it's just a building. The amazon rainforest is more important than this shit!!
Actually no, dry wood doesn't burn that fast and wild.
edward anderson
Sounds like they set it on fire. 🔥 🔥 🔥 Because they couldn't get enough money to fix it. Then people donated millions of dollars. Because it was all over the news free publicity.
Michael Brownlee
Like any one cares what trump thinks
The suspicious part of me says that this fire was intentional to bring attention to it. Because hey, they have no problem getting money now than it's burned, right?
"World-Wide Monument" Yeah okay. That's easy for you to say.
The Universe
I live in Paris. Let me tell you this that this fire was deliberate. They needed money to renovate it but the state did not want to pay for it. So they created the fire (which was very controlled and they burnt only targeted parts of the cathedral) and religious billionaires + millionaires donated money for its repair like the next day !! Problem solved !! Dont be fooled by the media. These politicians are thieves and only like receiving money, and not spending it !!
Brad Reinke
I think what Derek is saying (without saying it) is that maybe.... just maybe somebody set the fire on purpose to get it fixed faster!?!?! Sounded like that and I do NOT disagree with that idea either.
Adam warlock
Keep all the satanic shit out. You know who these new age leaders worship with their money
deb keeling
LTrain 45
I have been to St. Paul's cathedral in London and Derek is completely right. No picture can ever do these kind of places justice. There's a sense of awe and wonder all around, especially near the dome. The feeling of just sitting quietly in a place like that is ineffible. Notre Dame was breathtaking no matter what my beliefs were. It's truly a shame.
100% arson. There is video showing the arsonists.
I think it was intentionally set by the church officials because they were unable to get funding, and apparently their efforts to cause a fire without damaging the irreplaceable stain glass and other relics to get funding was successful.

The saying goes "You don't know what you have until you almost lose it."
So it was basically falling apart, as long as the fire means it wouldnt fall apart and kill somoeone it might be a better thing.
Graham, King of the Britons!
Nope. The dragon escaped the game of thrones set and coughed while flying over.
Glen Baker
How come they wanted the government to help restore it, was it not a property of Rome
Maybe god was sending a message. Like don't rape children or maybe don't waste your life on your knees worshiping a god that if it exists, doesn't care about you or your petty, small life. The hubris.
Wayne Miller
The church is on fire guy so let's all sing songs instead of trying to help that's why they lost it
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Inside Notre-Dame Cathedral after Here's How The Notre-Dame Paris Cathedral 1 day ago   04:16

Hundreds of firefighters were able to save Notre-Dame Cathedral from complete collapse, but there is uncertainty over just how much irreplaceable history and culture went up in flames during Monday's devastating fire.
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