RESPECTING WOMEN IN CS:GO 7 months ago   10:27

when weebs play csgo

shoutout to Anzuu for drawing the anime girl in the intro:


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smii7y is best girl. that is all.
kirra {god of death}
Yeah there is gay hentai lol
Laura Xavier
I wish men treated me as a man just because i want to laugh at their sexual jokes too .. when they realize i am a woman, they just stop and start being so cringe; -; i just want to be idiot like men are
Which kimi no nawa Dream Lantern did he use?
Spider Man
This video should be titled:
“Incriminating ourselves on video”
xd nebz1465
Was this bordie?
I think I have cancer
whats the intro song?
Alfie Saunders
What do you mean no gay hentai “boku no pico” my guy
Every second of this video was disrespectfoul to women
Emil Stenman
what's the intro song called
Lewis Morley
You are a dick kids will look up to you and we don't need people like you on this planet
I'm hungry
Fist Power
you weebs think every female a damn anime girl
Rin 13
1:55 (for weebs)
Austin Campbell
3:20 this is Omachao in human form
Yaoi Senpai
Isn't "Watashi Wa Pussy-Kun" I am Pussy not, "My name is Pussy."
H6g55 J6gu6
Id skip the intro
patrick barney
When you watch 1 too many anime
Milo The Gamer
Why did he say "presidential impressions" then said Ben franklin even though he died in 1790 during Washington's presidency

That New Zealand man doesn't know very much about America, I mean he doesn't really know much about anything to be honest
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